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Peugeot 407 Coupe, 20Cup and 907 GT
ready for 2005 Frankfurt Motor Show

Peugeot 407 Coupe - 2nd generation - dashboard

Peugeot 407 Coupe - 2nd generation - access to back seats

Peugeot 407 Coupé gets its world première at Frankfurt.

AutoPressNews, PR,
26 August 2005.

At this year's Frankfurt Motor Show, Automobile Peugeot exhibition stand will cover no less than a floor space of almost 3000 square metres, offering a true reflection of the Marque’s dynamic vitality. A vitality that made its mark in the first half-year with the launch of 3 new product families: the 107, the 1007 and the new 307.

Thanks to the success of its ranges, Peugeot sales reached a record high in the first half of 2005, exceeding the level of one million units sold during a half-year period for the third time running. Following the launches in the second quarter of 2005 of the 107, the 1007 and the new 307, Peugeot now has an even more attractive range,destined to ensure its continued growth.

The show highlights include :

407 Coupé - Star of the show on the Peugeot stand will be the new Peugeot 407 Coupé which has its world première at Frankfurt.

It has been designed as a genuine four seater grand tourer and is the latest in a long line of elegant Peugeot coupés. The new 407 Coupé, available in France from next month (UK in January 2006) will top the 407 range which has already seen worldwide sales of over 300,000 vehicles in little over a year.

Drawing its inspiration from the touring car tradition, to which it owes its careful attention to detail, the 407 Coupé features materials of distinction – leather and aluminium – and high-performance engines – the V6 petrol and V6 HDi with particle emission filter (PEF), the latter appearing for the first time on the 407 range.

Available at launch with three choices of engine:

  • 2.2-litre 160bhp 16-valve petrol

  • 2.7-litre 205bhp V6 24-valve HDi Diesel with Particulate Emission Filter

  • 3.0-litre 211bhp V6 24-valve petrol

All models are equipped with six speed gearboxes – manual or automatic dependent on model. Revised double wishbone front suspension and integral multi-arm rear suspension combined with exceptional torsional body rigidity produce a great driving experience.

Like all 407s the Coupé has as standard a comprehensive active safety specification including: ABS, ESP, EBFD, ASR, seven airbags and active front head restraints.

Peugeot 20Cup concept car

Peugeot 20Cup concept car

Peugeot 20Cup concept car

Peugeot 20Cup concept car

Peugeot 20Cup concept car

With the 20Cup, Peugeot lifts a corner of the veil on its immediate future.

20Cup concept car - With the 20Cup, Peugeot lifts a corner of the veil on its immediate future.

Designed by the Peugeot Style Centre, the 20Cup reveals the aesthetic blueprintof an upcoming development of the Peugeot range. Archetypes of unalloyed dynamism and driving pleasure, these twin roadsters, with their accentuated feline style, come equipped with Peugeot’s new sporting credentials. Combining the world of the motorcar and that of the motorcycle to stunning effect, the 20Cup reveals an atypical architecture with a single rear wheel and a two-seater cockpit at road level.

Expressing Peugeot’s new alignment with sport, the 20Cup is an innovative concept, both « fun » and dynamic: suggesting an elegant synthesis between two worlds – that of the motor car by its front aspect and that of the motorcycle by its single rear wheel. This sporty, three-wheel roadster, shown in two examples, differentiated only by colour, promises real driving pleasure through the strong sensations it evokes.

Confirming its presence in high-level motor sport, Peugeot recently announced its newcommitment to competition via the LMES Championship (Le Mans Endurance Séries Built aerodynamically)..

The 20Cup, in a more conventional form but drawing much of its inspiration from the vehicle exhibited at the show, will be Peugeot’s basis for the development of a presence on the racing circuit.

Prefiguring the stylistic characteristics of a future model through its front aspect, the 20Cup announces a Peugeot style that is even more incisive and feline.

Radical by its low ride height and engineering solutions taken from the world of motorsport, this concept car is built around a one-piece carbon chassis incorporating a separate two-seater cockpit located at road level.

The very low assembly and front transverse power train are designed to load the front axle and lower the centre of gravity as much as possible.

The single-arm rear axle, virtually load-free, is used only to steer this vehicle, which weighs less than 500 kg and is centred on the front axle for extremely efficient road holding.

The 20Cup presents a generous front-mounted air intake, with airevacuated laterally ahead of the front wheels. On the lower body sides, profiles serve as anaerodynamic diffuser to promote maximum bearing on the front axle.

A new engine, the fruit of cooperation between the PSA Peugeot Citroën and BMW Group, is introduced by Peugeot for the first time at the prototype stage on this concept car: this turbo-charged 4-cylinder petrol engine with direct injection has sixteen valves and two overhead camshafts and is packed with ultra-modern technical features. On this version it develops amaximum power of 125 kW (more than 170 bhp for less than 500 kg!) and a maximum torque of 240 Nm.

The sequential 6-speed manual gearbox has synchronizer dog teeth and is controlled by means of paddles under the steering wheel.

For this high-performance vehicle, the front suspension is the dual wishbone type, with drop links and an adjustable anti-roll bar. The rear wheel is held by a single arm with a   spring/damper assembly, equipped with a rocker arm to ensure variable flexibility.

Of the three 18’’ alloy wheels, the one at the rear is the «cage» type with two removable wheelbodies. The front tyres are 210/65 R18s and the rear tyre is a 377/71 R18.

Steering is of the rack and pinion type, with a «multifunction» steering wheel. It houses the control paddles of the piloted gearbox and, in its centre, a touch screen displaying a virtual readable image that remains horizontal regardless of the position of the steering wheel. This screen whose image is computed according to the steering wheel angle allows the driver for example to switch on the headlamps and can provide driving assistance during sporty use by showing transverse as well as longitudinal acceleration … It also contains all of the car’s operating indicators.

The metallic black or opaque white body also has direct carbon surfaces and, on each side, an“historic” lion’s head that follows the curve of the front wing. A central red strip decorates the car’s body lengthwise.

The cockpit interior features a black leather trim. The main dimensions of the 20Cup are:

- length: 3.63 m
- width: 1.77 m
- height: 1.16 m
- wheelbase: 2.31 m
- kerb weight: less than 500 kg.

Peugeot 907 two seater GT Coupé

Peugeot 907 two seater GT Coupé

Peugeot 907 two seater GT Coupé

Peugeot 907 two seater GT Coupé: fitted with a V12 petrol engine.

907 two seater GT Coupé - First seen at last year’s Paris Motor Show and widely acclaimed ever since, Peugeot once again offers visitors to the show a vision of a dream car for the future. This two seater GT Coupé is fitted with a V12 petrol engine and extends the values of the marque.

As its name implies, the 907 is an exceptional, emblematic car. Exceptional because, hitherto, the only member of the 9 series was the 905, and emblematic because it pushes the values of the Marque to their limit.

Its ideal proportions, its classic style and its front-mounted V12 engine make it a timeless car, a dream car. Indeed, it made a lasting impression last spring at the Villad’Este elegance competition, by winning the Design Award in this keynote event.

Its character is accentuated by side-mounted vents on the front wings and rear quarter panels, lateral dual exhaust nozzles, a vertical canopy next to the twelve intake tubes, and a single expanse of glass for the front windscreen, roof and rear windscreen.

The passenger compartment, bathed in light, comfortably seats two passengers in a thoroughbred GT atmosphere. Leather, alcantara and precious wood blend together in a predominantly fawn ambience. The exclusive range of luggage is manufactured from the same leather and stamped with a seal combining the Marque emblem with a reference to the V12 engine.

Peugeot Design Competition - In September 2000 Peugeot hit the headlines by devising a design competition that invited amateur designers the world over to take part in a competition that was only available on line. Since then Peugeot has organised two further, highly successful internet based design events.

For the third design competition introduced at the 2004 Paris Motor Show the theme was ‘design the Peugeot of your dreams for the near future’. Almost 4,000 entries were received via the internet from over 100 countries, testimony to the international flavour of this event.

The winning design, the ‘ Moovie’ concept, was devised by 23 year old student, André Costa from Lisbon, Portugal.His prize will be threefold.In addition to receiving a 6000 euros cheque he has had his design built into a life-size concept car by Peugeot designers that will be unveiled at Frankfurt. Finally in a first for the internet design competition the ‘Moovie’ concept will also be mass produced in the form of a 1/43 miniature.

Product range - The Peugeot stand at Frankfurt will feature a complete range of vehicles, from the all-new 107, 1007 with its revolutionary sliding-doors and the revised 307. The 407, 607, 807 and Partner Combi are also displayed and serve to illustrate the achievement in celebrating a record sales target reached in the first half of 2005 which exceeded one million for the third time in the company’s history.

206 Sedan: Iran's growing automotive role on the Middle East scene.

206 Sedan - The first half of 2005 marked a new stage in Peugeot’s international development,with 35 % of total sales occurring outside Western Europe during this period.

Based on a product strategy in line with the Marque’s ambitions, this growth is now being developed further with an innovative version of the 206 receiving its world première, the 206 sedan.

This new model naturally bears all the hallmarks that have made the 206 an international success: a dynamic and attractive style, impeccable road holding andversatility. The 206 sedan, like other 206 silhouettes before it, is set to leave its markin the three-compartment small car segment.

The 206 sedan will be assembled in Iran from the beginning of 2006 by Iran Khodro, Peugeot’s partner in Iran, before being exported to a number of eastern European and Mediterranean countries from the spring of that year. The 206 is currently produced in five countries across the globe (Argentina, Brazil, France, Iran and the United Kingdom) at a rate of more than 3,000 units daily.

Particle emission filters (PEF)- Technological innovation also takes pride under the spotlight, with the particle emission filter, which to date is fitted on one million Peugeot vehicles powered by the HDi engine.

Since May 2000 when it received its world première on the 607, this major innovation to improve air quality has been extended to other models in the range. With 65 models equipped as standard with the PEF – or 90 % of diesels sold by the Marque – Peugeot has become the world leader in a technology that reduces particulate emissions to within measurable limits, thereby confirming its commitment to a hard-hitting environmental policy. Finally, a particle retention device fitted as an accessory to HDi engines without PEF, will be available in the first half of 2006.

This first offer based on a proven supplier technology will be marketed in Germany and offered on the Peugeot 206, 307 and Partner.

Peugeot 107

Peugeot 107

The 107 is presented in three- and five-door versions.

107 - Available commercially since the beginning of June, the 107 is presented here in three- and five-door versions powered by a 1.0 liter petrol engine. This city car with its friendly, energetic and modern style offers its occupants un compromising safety, as testified by the four stars it obtained in Euro NCAP safety tests. Inexpensive to buy, the 107 is also economical to run, with a frugal fuel consumption and a low level of CO2 emissions (restricted to 109 g/km for both the petrol and diesel versions).

RC Line - A personalisation line makes its appearance on the 1007 and 206 CC. Called the RC Line, it introduces an upmarket, sporty design. Adapted to each model, it offers specific exterior and interior styling components that are recognisable at first glance.

This range, presented for the first time at the Frankfurt Motor Show, will be marketed initially in Germany during 2006, prior to being made available in other European markets.

Peugeot 1007

Peugeot 1007

Peugeot 1007: five models, including the new 1007 RC Line.

1007 - The 1007 has become synonymous with user-friendliness. Electric sliding doors, intelligent modularity, Caméléo interior, and the 2 Tronic gearbox are just some of the innovations that make it so user-friendly... with the highest score ever recorded in Euro NCAP safety tests.

This innovative model, whose commercial career begins in Germany, is represented by five models, including the new 1007 RC Line.

206 -The 206, 5 million of which have already been manufactured, is on the verge of beating Peugeot’s all-time production record, currently held by the 205 with nearly 5.3 million units. This success is based on the extraordinary appeal of a range that today comprises four silhouettes (three- and five-door, SW and CC), all widely acclaimed in European markets.

For example, the 206 was proclaimed the winner for the seventh consecutive year ofthe best imported small car in Germany award by readers of Auto Motor und Sport.

The 206 range includes six models, including the new 206 CC RC Line and the future 206 sedan. A best-seller in Germany, the 206 CC has been available since the spring with a 1.6 l HDi PEF engine, thereby becoming the first ever coupé cabriolet with PEF.

Peugeot 307 hatchback

Peugeot 307: stylistic developments and new engines.

307 - With 2.2 million sales already under its belt, the 307 now offers new strong points to attract customers in Europe’s biggest market segment. In addition to stylistic developments intended to give it even more personality, in particular a front aspect expressing some of the traits introduced on the 407, the 307 receives new engines.

The 307 CC for example features the 2.0 l HDi PEF engine developing 100 kW (around 136 bhp), giving it additional benefits in terms of dynamism and drivability.

A new version symbolising vitality and distinction, the 307 Féline, inherits the 2.0 liter petrol engine developing 130 kW (around 180 bhp). Eight models – three- and five door,estate, SW and CC – testify to the richness of this range.

407 -  With more than 300,000 units sold, 30 % in its SW silhouette, the 407 has made its mark as one of the main players in the European M2 segment (D segment, upper medium, midsize), in which it occupies a solid second place. The range now includes three silhouettes, each with strong qualities. Eight models, including four coupés, are exhibited at the Show, reflecting the depth of the range in terms of silhouettes and engines.

607 - A symbol of Peugeot’s expertise, the 607 confirms the legitimacy of Peugeot’s aspirations in the top-of-the-range segment. The arrival of the V6 HDi PEF engine,combined with stylistic developments, has seen the 607 register an increase in sales worldwide of more than 40 % since the beginning of the year. The 607 has won over a demanding customer base thanks to its elegant and dynamic style and road-holding qualities synonymous with comfort and driving pleasure, and its hi-tech specification.

Two 607 Platinum models with the V6 HDi PEF engine are on show to the public.

807 - Finally, two models underline the dynamism of the 807 and Partner ranges: the 807 Premium, powered by a 2.2 l HDi PEF engine, and the Partner Quiksilver, adorned in a winter sports livery.

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