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Bentley Continental GTC
Announced for late 2006

Bentley Continental GTC, front side view

Bentley's third member of the Continental family.

26th September 2005.

Bentley's Continental GT coupe will get its convertible brother before the end of next year, announced the British luxury cars brand today.

Following the introduction of the highly successful Continental GT coupe in 2003, then the other brother,  the four-door Continental Flying Spur last spring, the new luxury 2+2 convertible Continental GTC will complete the Bentley Continental model range when its goes on sale in late 2006.

Bentley Continental GTC, partial cabin view (drawing)

British luxury taste, from one of its automotive cultural symbols.

Even before the arrival of the Continental GTC convertible, the VW-owned (since 1998) British brand managed spectacular growth, from 1017 units  sold in 2003, to 6576 units last year, thanks to the Continental Coupe.

The strong demand prompted the German group to divert part of the Continental Flying Spur production from Bentley's Crewe factory in England, to VW's Dresden factory in Germany. 

The modern Dresden factory was opened in 2001 to build the luxury Phaeton sedan, which shares the platform with the Continental model family.

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However, Dresden-made Flying Spur units will get their engines, wood veneer and leather upholstery shipped from Crewe.

The unsurprising Phaeton limited success, being the first generation of VW's venture into the F-segment luxury territory (it takes more than one generation model to establish a brand in a new segment), allowed Europe's bigger car maker to ease the pressure on Bentley's Crewe factory which will build as well Bentley’s Arnage-derived flagship four-seater, the Azure convertible which goes on sale in Spring 2006.

Continental GTC convertible - With a top speed in excess of 190mph (304 km/h), all-wheel drive system, 12-cylinder engine, advanced air suspension and ultra-stiff body structure, the Continental GTC will bring the performance and dynamic handling of the Continental GT, in a open sky formula this time.

Bentley Continental GTC, front view

Continental GTC, for Grand Tourism Convertible.

In common with the Continental GT and the four-door Continental Flying Spur, the interior of the new Continental GTC provides Bentley' standard of craftsmanship, with natural wood veneers and leather hides of the finest quality.

As Bentley’s design director Dirk van Braeckel explains: “In keeping with the Bentley tradition, the new Continental GTC has a soft fabric roof and heated glass rear screen. When stowed below its hide-covered tonneau, efficient packaging ensures excellent space for both rear passengers and their luggage.”

After the Azure arrives next spring, the Continental GTC becomes the second convertible to join the current Bentley range.

Bentley Continental GTC, side view

Sculptural dynamism outside, British warmth inside.

But while the Azure offers glamour and sophistication, the Continental GTC is more about performance.

“The Continental GTC is the third step in our new product and segment strategy,” explains Bentley chairman Dr Franz-Josef Paefgen. “It will again open up the Bentley brand to more customers who only buy convertibles, as well as being a logical next car for our existing owners.”

Full technical specification, market availability and pricing will be released nearer to the Continental GTC’s on-sale date.

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