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Mazda Senku and all-new MPV
at the 39th Tokyo Motor Show

Mazda all-new MPV

Mazda's all-new MPV.

5th October 2005.

Mazda Motor Corporation will highlight the momentum of its growth at the 39th Tokyo Motor Show (Public days from 22 October to 6th Nov.) through several vehicles and technologies, starting from the world premiere of its all-new MPV, as well as the Senku concept car.

Mazda says its four-seater Senku concept car is a car for "mature" drivers. With the progress of health services and life conditions, especially in the industrial world, "caring" for the mature drivers needs represents a marketing opportunity to reach a growing population of retired people who are free again from children responsibilities and education costs, with larger spare budget and time.

Mazda Senku concept car

Mazda Senku concept car, with "mature drivers" in mind.

Senku, which means “pioneer” in Japanese, features a very long wheelbase, minimal overhangs, a “floating” appearance supported by large tires, a smooth shape devoid of ornamentation, and large "flying wing" electric-powered sliding doors. These elements come together in a coupe form.

Located between the front and rear axles is the 13B-DI direct injection gasoline rotary engine with a hybrid unit. It achieves high power output and lower fuel consumption along with a 50:50 front/rear weight distribution and a low centre of gravity.

Another important exhibit will be Mazda's MX-Crossport which was first introduced to the public in January at the 2005 North America International Auto Show in Detroit.  It indicates a direction that Mazda’s future products will take as it expands its line up of new generation products (expected to called the CX7).

The all-new Mazda MPV, planned to be launched soon in Japan first, as part of its global rollout, features an open and spacious interior, with a direct-injection MZR 2.3 DISI turbo engine and 6-speed automatic transmission deliver high fuel efficiency and low emissions.

Mazda Premacy Hydrogen RE (RE for rotary engine) Hybrid concept

Premacy Hydrogen RE (RE for rotary engine) Hybrid concept.

The Mazda Premacy Hydrogen RE (RE for rotary engine) Hybrid concept features a hybrid power unit that combines a dual-fuel, hydrogen/gasoline rotary engine with an electric motor.  The power unit is transversely mounted at the front in a front-wheel drive layout, with the high-voltage battery located beneath the second-row seats and the high-pressure hydrogen tank beside the third row seat.

Other Mazda technical exhibits will include:

MZR 2.3 DISI Turbo: despite its relatively small displacement of 2.3 litres, this turbocharged direct injection engine achieves high, flat torque with response comparable to a 3.5 to 4-litre V6 power plant, in addition to better fuel efficiency and environmental performance. Already mounted in the Mazdaspeed6 / Mazda6 MPS / Mazdaspeed Atenza, this engine will also power other Mazda vehicles, including the all-new MPV.

Mazda at the 2005 Tokyo motor show

Reference exhibits

Concept vehicle

Mazda SENKU (World premiere)



Mazda MX-Crossport (Japan premiere)



Premacy Hydrogen RE Hybrid (World premiere)


Scheduled for launch/lease

All New MPV (World premiere)



Tribute Hybrid (World premiere)



RX-8 Hydrogen RE (World premiere)

Technical exhibits


All new MPV cut body






MZR 2.3 DISI Turbo engine cut model



RENESIS Hydrogen rotary engine



Smart Idling Stop System (World premiere)



Advanced Driver-Support Technologies

Vehicles on market

MX-5/All New Roadster, RX-8, Mazdaspeed6/
Mazda6 MPS/
Mazdaspeed Atenza, Mazda5/Premacy, others

Smart Idling Stop System: this system eliminates the electric starter motor to achieve quicker, quieter and more reliable restarting. It controls piston position when the engine stops, injecting a small amount of fuel, causing the engine to run slightly in reverse. The system then ignites the fuel in the cylinder that has begun compressing due to the engine's reverse rotation, restarting the engine.

Integrated Vehicle Dynamics Control System: a computer monitors the inputs received from the accelerator pedal, steering wheel, and brake pedal and uses them to determine the driver’s intentions. These are then compared with data from sensors to determine how much the vehicle's actual behaviour differs from what the driver wanted to do. Whenever the results indicate the risk of a skid, the computer takes control of the brakes and engine and actively counter-steers through the electric power-steering system.

Sideswipe-Preventing Communication System: at junctions where the driver or onboard sensors and cameras cannot see or detect oncoming vehicles that are obscured by vehicles turning right or vehicles approaching from the sides, the Sideswipe-Preventing Communication System exchanges data with approaching vehicles, alerts the driver to their presence using a display and audible warnings, thereby helping to prevent a sideswipe collision.

Adaptive Front Lighting System: the Adaptive Front Lighting System automatically turns the vehicle’s low beams on in accordance with the steering angle and vehicle speed, illuminating the path through a curve or junction, enabling safer driving at night. This technology will make its market debut at Mazda in the all-new MPV.

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