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Starting to look dull inside?
Speed, pressure... gauges and holders
Easy to fit in the car at reasonable cost

Instrument holder for A-Pillar

Instrument holder for A-Pillar.

21st Nov. 2005.

If you happen to find your car, pickup, SUV or even your minivan more attractive on the outside than on its too conservative, family-looking inside, there might be something for you here.

Customise your car's interior easily, and very reasonably. Just as much as you want.

One of those attractive solutions can be found with raid hp instruments and instrument holders, with 7 additional instrument types in 7 different designs from 32.90, instrument holders from 9.90 for fitting at A-pillar (pillars on the windscreen vertical sides), instrument panel or centre console, as well as adaptors for additional instruments to ensure correct display, or at least, the way you like it, as simple as that.

Instrument holder for centre console

Instrument holder for centre console.

If "How do I fit them?" is the first question which springs to your mind,  don't worry, since raid hp supplies the matching instructions with their instruments and instrument holders, with all sorts of useful information.

The range includes indicators and gauges for the speed, boost pressure, oil temperature, oil pressure, water temperature, vacuum and power supply voltage.

Seven different designs are available: Diamond, Carbon, Amber, Silver, Plasma, Night Flight and with LED (seven different colours).

Instrument - Amber option

Different designs and colours.

The instruments are available from a price of 32.90 (Carbon, Silver). To ensure that the respective instruments indicate the correct readings, raid hp also supplies adaptors for the water temperature (the corresponding sensor is plugged into the adaptor) for the price of 13.90 plus one for the oil temperature and pressure (fitted between the oil filter and engine) for the price of 26.90.

Of course, raid hp offers the instrument holders that go with its range of instruments in various versions. It supplies universal holders for holding either one, two or three instruments. The holders can be attached either at the A-pillar, the centre console or the radio slot.

The range of raid hp instrument holders starts from a price of 9.90 (triple holder for radio slot). The classic among them all is the holder for fitting on the centre console. For 13.90, 14.90 and 18.90, customers acquire holders for one, two or three instruments.

At the top end of the range, customers will find instrument holders for the A-pillar with holders for three instruments for the price of 21.90 (single holder 14.90, double holder 17.90). 

raid hp also offers customised solutions for some 100 plus types of vehicle for instruments holders fitted on the A-pillar. This means that vehicles can be easily equipped with matching parts - from Alfa Romeo to VW. The price for single holders is 49.90, for double holders 59.90 and for triple holders 69.90.

Further information on the range from raid hp can be found at

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