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Bosch and Knorr Bremse to cooperate
in predictive safety systems for HD vehicles

Bosch adaptive cruise control (ACC) sensor.

On the basis of this Bosch adaptive cruise control (ACC) sensor for cars, Knorr Bremse is developing similar systems for commercial vehicles.

30th January 2006.

In a time of continued difficulties for some automotive suppliers, others are facing the cost-cutting challenges as well as those of cheaper overseas labour costs (and more flexible labour conditions) with promising collaborative projects, development costs sharing as well as opening new marketing opportunities.

One of the latest examples is the new alliance in the sector of driver assistance systems between the two German companies, Robert Bosch GmbH, Stuttgart, and Knorr Bremse Systeme fr Nutzfahrzeuge GmbH, Munich.

In a first phase, Bosch will provide Knorr Bremse with its components and software for the Adaptive Cruise Control system (ACC), as well as the respective know-how.

Knorr Bremse will adapt and develop the system for application in commercial vehicles with pneumatic brakes, and market it worldwide under the Bendix and Knorr Bremse brands for original equipment and retrofitting, and as spare parts. ACC by Bosch has been in use in passenger cars since 2000.

Knorr Bremse is also planning to use Bosch know-how and components to develop, manufacture, and market the Bosch Predictive Safety System PSS for commercial vehicles. Bosch already has this system for passenger cars, and will be launching further functions in the future.

Commenting on the alliance, Rainer Kallenbach, President of the Bosch Automotive Electronics Division, says: "This alliance allows us to transfer our strong position and the know-how we have accumulated in driver assistance systems for passenger cars to the commercial vehicle sector."

For Walter Sauter, member of the Board of Management of Knorr Bremse, what is crucial is that: "Driver assistance systems are going to be of increasing importance in commercial vehicles and will be an integral part of the commercial vehicle brake business of the future."

Systems such as ACC and PSS are essential for helping the driver to cope with ever increasing traffic density and, in this way, for enhancing road safety in trucks, buses, and passenger cars. The ACC Adaptive Cruise Control system by Bosch identifies vehicles on the road ahead, computes their speed, and maintains a speed-related safety distance through automatic brake and engine management. The Predictive Safety System PSS is based on ACC and assists drivers in emergency braking.

The Bosch Group is a leading global manufacturer of automotive and industrial technology, consumer goods, and building technology. Set up in Stuttgart in 1886 by Robert Bosch (1861-1942), the Bosch Group today comprises a manufacturing, sales, and after-sales service network of some 260 subsidiaries and more than 10 000 service centres in over 130 countries. 92 % of the shares of Robert Bosch GmbH are held by the charitable foundation Robert Bosch Stiftung.

The Knorr Bremse Group is a worldwide leading manufacturer of brake systems for rail and commercial vehicles. For 100 years, the company has been an engineering pioneer with breakthrough contributions to the development, production and sales of state-of-the-art brake systems. Robert Bosch GmbH owns a 20 percent share in the company making brake systems for commercial vehicles, Knorr Bremse Systeme fr Nutzfahrzeuge GmbH.

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