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C70 continues Volvo's cooperation
With Continental in active & passive safety

New Volvo C70 convertible coupe: equipped with a number of active and passive safety systems and components from Continental Automotive Systems.

New Volvo C70: active and passive safety systems from Continental.

14th February 2006.

If the new Volvo C70 is equipped with active and passive safety components from Continental Automotive Systems, this does not mean just "another" cooperation deal between a carmaker and a major automotive supplier.

The cooperation between the premium car brand from Sweden and the German supplier is nearly 40 years old now.

It started in 1967, with the development and delivery of brake components for the already legendary model Volvo 144, before it evolved since then into a close cooperation between Continental Automotive Systems and Volvo Car Corporation.

Continental Automotive Systems: upfront sensors in the front end to optimize the activation of front airbags.

C70: sensors in the front end to optimize the front airbags activation.

Today, the two companies’ affiliation extends to all versions of the Volvo S40 model range, the S60, V50, V70, XC70, and S80 sedans and wagons, and the XC90, Volvo’s first SUV.

Hence, the new C70 convertible is no exception. It also is equipped with a number of active and passive safety systems and components from Continental Automotive Systems.

“For both companies, safety is a clear core competence. The two companies share a commitment to using innovative technology not only to make driving more comfortable and environmentally compatible from model generation to model generation, but to continuously make it safer as well,” says Dr. Ralf Cramer, Head of the Electronic Brake and Safety Systems business unit at Continental Automotive Systems.

A special milestone in the long cooperation was the development of the Volvo 850 in 1991. “The Volvo 850 was one of the first cars for which a manufacturer gave us responsibility for the entire brake system. We delivered 100 percent of the brake system,” says Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann, chairman of the management board of Continental Automotive Systems and member of the Executive Board of Continental AG.

Continental Automotive Systems: sensors for side impact to optimally activate side airbags

C70: sensors for side impact to optimally activate side airbags.

Since the convertibles and coupes of the first C70 generation (introduced in 1998) were also based on the platform of the 850, Continental Automotive Systems supplied, amongst other safety features, sensors for side impact for the first time for these cars. The purpose of these “satellite” sensors was to optimally activate side airbags in the event of a side collision.

The first Volvo S40/V40 generation (1996) included upfront sensors from Continental Automotive Systems for the first time to optimize the activation of front airbags.

This year, Volvo Car Corporation, the most successful of Ford's Premier Automotive Group (PAG) of luxury brands (includes Jaguar, Land Rover, Aston Martin and Volvo) will introduce another vehicle that once again proves the innovative strength of the cooperation between Continental Automotive Systems and Volvo Car Corporation.

New MK 60 electronic brake system with Brake Assist: The platform for the active safety system supplied by Continental Automotive Systems.

New MK 60 electronic brake system with Brake Assist.

Coming now in the new Volvo C70, Continental Automotive's MK60E electronic brake system features Brake Assist and four-wheel brakes designed to suit the performance of the new coupé / cabriolet, which can range up to 220 hp.

In the versions with 17-inch wheels, FNRG calipers are used on the front axis. Their innovative design makes it possible to mount especially large, ventilated brake disks in the 320 x 35 millimeter format with high thermal reserves.

The back wheel brakes, the actuator with power assist booster and master cylinder, the active wheel RPM sensors, and the ESP sensor cluster are also from Continental Automotive Systems.

In addition to these active safety systems and components, Continental and Volvo are also in cooperation in passive safety fields. As in the first C70, the new one includes upfront sensors in the front end and satellite sensors on the sides from Continental Automotive Systems.

A control unit continuously evaluates data from these sensors to trigger accident severity-dependent activation of the airbags, the belt tensioners, and the retractable roll bar mounted behind the rear seats.

Continental Corporation is a leading supplier of brake systems, chassis components, vehicle electronics, tires and technical elastomers. As a worldwide leading technology partner to the automotive industry, the Automotive Systems division of Continental AG integrates extensive know-how in the fields of driving safety, powertrain and comfort. It incorporates Continental Teves and Continental Temic. Continental Teves develops and produces electronic and hydraulic brake, stability and chassis control systems, as well as electronic air spring systems and sensors. Continental Temic is a specialist in chassis electronics, engine management and transmission control units, as well as electric drives and comfort electronics.

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