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Visteon instrument cluster
Functional and customizable

Visteon integrated electronics interior concepts.

Visteon integrated electronics interior concepts.

14th February 2006.

Driver attitudes are changing when it comes to applying technology in the vehicle.

Well, everybody knows that... including suppliers, or rather, especially suppliers. For behind most carmakers innovations, there are suppliers who leave most of the glamour for the various brands, car brands, not theirs.

Today, not only drivers want information to assist them behind the wheel, but they also prefer their vehicles with unique appearances reflecting their personal style.

Visteon's reconfigurable instrument cluster concept, setting 1.

Visteon's reconfigurable instrument cluster concept, setting 2.

Visteon's reconfigurable instrument cluster concept.

Based on these trends, Visteon Corporation leverages a variety of consumer research with its engineering expertise to understand changing consumer preferences, develop and then deliver technology for automakers that meets those demands.

And what can be more direct, in constant communication with the driver, than the instrument cluster?

Visteon’s instrument clusters provide vehicle information to the driver while delivering style enhancements to the vehicle for brand differentiation and customization, so that automakers can choose from various cluster technologies to find the one that delivers the desired look and feel of the vehicle’s interior and brand image.

Consumers can choose a more personalized, functional interior that suits their style. “Visteon has redefined vehicle information displays to meet the driver’s need for a clean, personalized, functional design and the automaker’s demand for customizable interiors,“ said John Kill, senior vice president and president, North America customer group.

Visteon's reconfigurable instrument cluster concept.

Reconfigurable Cluster, which allows software-based customization.

Visteon cluster designs utilize common components within the instrument cluster architecture to offer automakers the ability to reduce manufacturing complexity and development time.

Integration capability for compasses, remote keyless entry, tire pressure and other driver information indicators allow automakers to reduce overall system complexity and cost.

Visteon instrument cluster designs feature advanced lighting technologies that use light emitting diode (LED) or electroluminescent lamps to improve gauge readability, provide brand differentiation to automakers and offer personalization opportunities through multi-color options.

Moveable Gauges: physical hardware that can be configured by the user, 1.

Moveable Gauges: physical hardware that can be configured by the user, 2.

Moveable Gauges: physical hardware that can be configured by the user.

Also, Visteon’s advanced appliqué technologies, featured recently at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas last month, included a Hi-Density Appliqué that offers multi-color designs with high-resolution, photographic-quality images; a Virtual 3D Appliqué that provides a three-dimensional appearance through a 1 mm flat panel; and a Formed Appliqué that creates visual appeal through a three-dimensional form (up to 10 mm deep).

Visteon showcased also the latest advanced concepts in reconfigurable instrumentation including its Reconfigurable Cluster, which allows software-based customization, and Moveable Gauges – physical hardware that can be configured by the driver, as he or she prefers.

As a leading global automotive supplier, Visteon Corporation designs, engineers and manufactures innovative climate, interior, electronic and lighting products for vehicle manufacturers, and also provides a range of products and services to aftermarket customers.

With corporate offices in Van Buren Township, Mich. (U.S.); Shanghai, China; and Kerpen, Germany; Visteon Corporation has more than 170 facilities in 24 countries and employs approximately 50,000 people.

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