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Audi A4 by nothelle
A new blend of power and class

Nothelle Novedra VII Sport brilliance edition for the Audi A4 upper medium sedan.

Nothelle Novedra VII Sport Brilliance Edition for the Audi A4.

3rd April 2006.

Audi has often been perceived as the challenger luxury brand, targeting those who don't walk in one of the two other German luxury lines, Mercedes-Benz and BMW.

That makes of Audi a sort of stylish non-default luxury choice, a custom setting for those who modify factory settings, as soon as they open the box.

Still, no matter how distinguished its image can be, that doesn't mean that tuners cannot turn an Audi still a bit more... different, by the sort of tuning tweaks that push distinction to new levels, addressing an even more selective clientèle.

Audi A4 with nothelle Novedra VII Sport black edition wheels.

Audi A4 with nothelle Novedra VII Sport Black Edition wheels.

One of the major players in Audi tuning is nothelle, known for 39 years now in engineering skills for top-of-the-range cars from both Volkswagen and Audi, the luxury sports brand of the VW group, Europe's largest carmaker and the fourth ranked in the world, after GM, Toyota and Ford (expect the Japanese group to lead the world league before the end of this year).

Back to Audi and nothelle then, not to the nothelle Audi Q7 SUV this time, already covered recently, but to the upper medium luxury sedan and sports wagon, the Audi A4 and A4 Avant.

With an output increase up to 310 bhp, elegant aerodynamic packages, quadruple exhaust and nothelle Novedra VII Sport 19-inch wheels, Audi's A4 goes a step further in exclusivity world.

Audi A4 Avant with Nothelle Novedra VII Sport wheels.

Audi A4 Avant with Nothelle Novedra VII Sport wheels.

The tuning company from Ratingen, Germany came up with a more elegant and at the same time sportier appearance, plus, various performance improvements.

First things first, nothelle tackles the external cosmetics with the aid of a comprehensive aerodynamic kit, mounted on the standard components without any additional body modifications.

It consists of a front spoiler (from Euro 490), side skirts, a rear apron attachment and a rear spoiler (one version each for the saloon / sedan and the Avant), as well as optional fender extensions, which can also be fitted onto the standard wings with any body modifications.
The rear of the A4 gets an even sportier upgrade with the nothelle diffuser (available in the body colour or in genuine carbon fibre).

Audi A4 front spoiler, by Nothelle.

Audi A4 front spoiler, by Nothelle.

Nothelle's rear silencer with its quad-tailpipe looks (from Euro 620), made entirely of durable stainless steel, promises a sporty sound as well as a touch more power. Its oval, chrome-plated 4 tailpipes give the rear end of the A4 a significant boost.

You'd say sport is not just in the looks, which brings us to the athlete's footwear. Wheels and suspension. Nothelle provides matching footwear for the A4, with the company's own Novedra VII Sport wheels in 8.5 x 19" format.

The one-piece wheel is impressive for its exclusive design, as well as its multi-piece looks (from Euro 550). The German tuner offers it in three versions.

The basic version is the Novedra VII Sport, painted in Shiny Silver.

The fine surface finish of the second version, the Brilliance Edition, is achieved by means of an elaborate ball polishing process with high-gloss intensification.

Because tastes vary, nothelle also offers the Black Edition as a third version.

The alloy wheel is also available complete with an ultra high-performance 235/35-19 tyre from nothelle's technology partner, Kumho.

Audi A4 rear skirt with the carbon diffuser.

A4 rear skirt, carbon diffuser and rear silencer with quad-tailpipe looks.

To connect the engine power firmly to the wheels, tyres and road, the Ratingen tuning company offers sport suspension systems, either in the form of a comfort-oriented set of sports springs, as a complete suspension system or as a high-end solution using individually height-adjustable coilovers.

Talking of engine and performance, whether you prefer petrol (gasoline) or diesel, nothelle has an upgrade for each.

The diesels get a boost by means of chip-tuning, or from the N TRONIC BOX. The latter represents the intelligent power box for diesel engines, and is a supplementary control unit that will deliver a significant but not excessive performance boost when installed.

Similar performance figures are delivered by the chip-tuning version, LEADERCHIP©, designed for a more controlled power. The vehicle releases its entire potential and yet at the same time remains respectable in its running characteristics. The engine offers significantly improved torque and increased power output with well-balanced figures. Nothelle describes it as the diplomat among the tuning chips, with unfettered superiority.

Nothelle: rear spoiler for the A4

Nothelle rear spoiler for the A4.

As a third alternative nothelle offers the BULLCHIP©, the power upgrade for sporting ambitions. Full-blooded power delivery, torque and acceleration are its characteristic features. That makes it the muscle man among the tuning chips.

All performance upgrades are also available for vehicles with a diesel particle filter.

Of all the A4's petrol engines, the 2-litre TFSI is just asking for some muscle-toning, at least from nothelle's point of view, turning it into the highlight of its range.

In the case of the turbocharged in-line four-cylinder engine, the conversion delivers a 110 horsepower leap in power output, reaching 310 horsepower! That makes it possible for the A4 to touch a 280 km/h (175 mph) top speed mark, with a mere 5.5 seconds acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h (0 to 62 mph).

Nothelle can offer performance upgrades for all engines, complying with all applicable emissions standards, all with TÜV approval and under warranty.

For more information about products availabilities, shipping and prices, you can visit nothelle's  website.

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