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KW: Sports springs for Grande Punto
Coilover suspension for Brera and Cayman S

Alfa Romeo Brera with KW coilover suspension

Alfa Romeo Brera with KW coilover suspension.

12th April 2006.

KW automotive GmbH have just developed their approved coilover suspensions for the Alfa Romeo Brera and the Porsche Cayman S, without forgetting the... cheeky Fiat Grande Punto which gets KW sports springs to make it even more agile.

First, the nastier two, as the Brera and Cayman S get a hotter appearance with enhanced handling.

Thanks to the Giugiaro sporty design signature, the 2+2 seater Alfa Romeo Brera again has created a real "face in the crowd". But for those who do not settle even for that, KW emphasizes this coupe personality a step further with the three variants of its well known coilover suspensions.

Fiat Grande Punto with KW sports springs.

Fiat Grande Punto with KW sports springs.

Put simply, these coilover suspensions enable a customized lowering of 20-50 mm at the front and 25-55 mm at the rear axle of the hot coupe which power can go up to the 3.2-litre V6 24-valve engine which delivers 191 kW (260 bhp) at 6,200 rpm, with a peak torque of 322 Nm at 4,500 rpm.

On the other hand, but still within the Fiat Auto realm, the Fiat Grande Punto turned out to be a very successful model (best selling car in Europe for the first two months of this year).

Yet, some hot tastes might argue, finding it a bit too far away from the ground. The remedy cannot be easier... as it can be found in a set of KW sports springs which lower the naughty Italian beauty by 30 mm at front and rear axle, gaining at the same time a much more agile handling.

Porsche Cayman with KW coilover suspension.

Porsche Cayman with KW coilover suspension.

Up from Italy now, to... Stuttgart, where the Cayman rounds off Porsche's product range, slipping into the role of an agile, light sportscar, under its bigger and more potent 911 brother. Well, the Cayman too has the right to get even more agile, with KW coilover suspension.

For the Cayman S, the Fichtenberg, Germany, based specialist offers coilover suspension variant 3, allowing drivers to adjust the ground clearance between 30 and 60 mm.

The three coilover suspension variants suggested by KW are:

1 - Coilover suspension Variant 1 permits customised lowering of the suspension and creates an optimised balance of sportiness, comfort and safety.

2 - Variant 2 is more for sporty drivers who also wish to make modifications in the set-up to achieve a more customised lowering of the suspension. Thanks to the adjustable rebound damping, it is possible to adapt the driving comfort to suit the driver’s personal taste.

3 - With its separately adjustable pressure and rebound damping functions, Variant 3 permits an even higher degree of customisation to the suspension and provides the perfect solution for those truly technically demanding drivers.

All KW coilover suspensions are produced in the unique stainless steel “inox line” technology. This assures extremely high quality and durability of the suspensions plus a long-lasting perfect finish to match.

For more information about KW automotive GmbH covering springs, dampers, sport and coilover suspensions, their availabilities, shipping and prices, you can visit the KW website directly.

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