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New Toyota RAV4 SUV in the... Cobra eye

Toyota RAV4 SUV, with Cobra stainless-steel front protection elements and side bar with step.

Toyota RAV4 SUV, with Cobra chromed mirror-housing covers, stainless-steel dual rear tailpipes and a chromed trim strip for the liftgate.

Toyota RAV4 SUV, with Cobra stainless-steel front protection elements, chromed mirror-housing covers, stainless-steel dual rear tailpipes and a chromed trim strip for the liftgate.

15th June 2006.

On the trail of its predecessors, the new Toyota RAV4 compact SUV is set to continue the same successful story.

However, if sales success leads to the frequent  view of the lucky models, individuality is not necessarily an unavoidable penalty.

There are certainly the manufacturers options and accessories.

But there are those who want the tuning specialist touch. Being a successful model, the compact Japanese SUV obviously attracted the attention of renowned tuners such as Cobra Technology & Lifestyle.

Toyota RAV4 SUV, with Cobra side step set.

Toyota RAV4 SUV, with Cobra Cityguard and 60-mm high-gloss stainless-steel tube.

Toyota RAV4 with Cobra side step set and Cityguard (lower photo) tube.

The German off-road specialist is the only manufacturer to offer stainless-steel front protection elements with EU operating certificate. The engineers and technicians also designed a special version for the new RAV4.

During the required crash test the Cobra T&L front guard mounted on the RAV4 met the strict EU requirements for pedestrian protection.

The accessory part was issued an EU general certificate eliminating the need for individual technical inspections and for amending the vehicle documents. Active safety can be further improved with Cobra T&L auxiliary headlights.

Alternatively, the front of the vehicle can be upgraded with the smaller stainless-steel Cobra Cityguard front guard, which also features 60-mm high-gloss stainless-steel tubes.

In both versions the Toyota fun cruiser can be further upgraded with a bumper grille also made from high-gloss stainless steel.

Cobra Sahara 8x18'' alloy wheel for the Toyota RAV4 SUV.

Cobra Grenada II 8x17'' alloy wheel for the Toyota RAV4 SUV.

Cobra Europa alloy wheel for the Toyota RAV4 SUV.

Also available are other exclusive accessories such as chromed mirror-housing covers and a chromed trim strip for the liftgate.

High-gloss Cobra T &L stainless-steel sill guards are as attractive as they are useful. They feature integrated steps for easier entering and exiting of the vehicle. As an alternative the company also offers stainless-steel running boards.

Self-adhesive Cobra T &L rub strips are available for the three- and five-door versions of the RAV4.

The German car tuning specialist also developed stainless-steel dual rear tailpipes for the standard exhaust systems of all gasoline and diesel models. They lend the Japanese SUV a more exciting rear appearance.

In addition Cobra T &L refines the Toyota with striking one-piece or multi-piece light-alloy wheels with diameters of 16, 17 or even 18 inches. The largest TV-certificated version features Cobra Sahara multi-spoke wheels in size 8Jx18 with size 255/50 R 18 tires.

All Cobra T &L components are manufactured in OEM quality and are backed by a 24-month warranty with unlimited miles.

Market-specific prices, shipping costs and accessories can be accessed directly through the Cobra Technology & Lifestyle website.

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