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Bentley Continental GT
MTM - Birkin Edition, fastest Bentley... ever

Bentley Continental GT - MTM Birkin Edition: front view.

Bentley Continental GT coupe with Motorentechnik Mayer tuning .

27th July 2006.

Pretending to make an automotive jewel like the Bentley Continental GT a bit... better, might sound like a mere heresy.

For even if tuning is a matter of personalising one's car, not just enhancing its looks and / or performance, it might seem a bit too daring to reach up to a success story like the Continental GT and say: "Well, we'll make it even better"!

Bentley Continental GT - MTM Birkin Edition: back view.

A 4-pipe rear apron for the MTM exhaust system or the standard one.

Yet, Motorentechnik Mayer (MTM) seem to have taken the challenge, coming up with tuning measures to accentuate the British luxury Coupe strengths without distorting its character.

Far from altering its characteristic and unmistakable shape, the Bavarian tuning specialist equips the luxurious British model with a set of chunky 21 inch bimoto alloy wheels.

However, a great deal more is going on beneath the bodywork of a Bentley Continental GT from MTM. So much so that MTM boasts about having the fastest Bentley ever!

Bentley Continental GT - MTM Birkin Edition: side view.

The 2nd performance kit extracts 650 bhp from the 6-liter W12 engine.

MTM supplies various performance kits. The spectrum ranges from optimized programming of the control electronics through to the complete conversion of the engine unit.

All the versions have been developed by MTM on its proprietary dynamometers and thoroughly tested in road and racing use.

Engine tuning - It is hard to complain about the standard 560 bhp, with a top speed of 318 km/h. But if you happen to wonder if it is still possible to achieve a bit more, MTM's first answer will boost the power of the 12 cylinder engine by recalibrating its electronics to 635 bhp / 467 kW and the torque to an impressive 780 Nm.

More. With the second performance kit, MTM goes even further, extracting 650 bhp / 478 kW out of this large 6-liter W12 engine, which then generates a staggering 795 Nm with ease instead of the already impressive 650 Nm of the production version.

Bentley Continental GT - MTM Birkin Edition: wheel and brake view.

Brake discs: 412x38 mm on the front and 355x28 mm on the rear.

The 2.5 ton blockbuster converts this increased torque in 4.2 seconds for the sprint from “zero to hundred” (series: 4.8 s). A small world lies between the series and MTM top speed. On the high-speed Nardo oval in Italy, where the 300 km/h+ elite meet up every year for a showdown, the MTM Continental GT produced the proven 331 km/h, crowning it as the fastest Bentley ever built.

Exhaust tuning - The Continental GT is allowed to make this increased power public by means of an MTM exhaust system from the catalytic converter, including a center and end muffler with throttle control. The exhaust system is included in power class II. The MTM exhaust systems are developed on a dyno. The crucial factor in the development is to ensure a maximum level of throughput and performance whilst abiding by the legally prescribed noise limit values. By means of an intelligent choice of material, namely high-grade, polished stainless steels, MTM achieves a low-weight design, which offers maximum durability at the same time. A 4-pipe rear apron visual effect is available both for the sound-optimized MTM exhaust system and for the standard-fitted exhaust system.

Bentley Continental GT - MTM Birkin Edition: wheel and brake view.

MTM wheel in the dimension of 10.5x21''.

Suspension tuning -To lend this already high-performance coupé an even sportier look, MTM is offering an electronically lowered suspension by means of a complex reprogramming of the software. In this regard, the calibration developed in Nardo and Hockenheim ensures, according to MTM specialists, a maximum level of ride comfort, with the necessary residual spring travel retained by the solution offered by MTM.

Wheels - The sportier look obtained by lowering the suspension blends harmoniously with the MTM “bimoto” wheel rims, which MTM supplies for the front and rear axle in the dimension 10.5x21" ET40 LK 5x112 in the variants “polished titanium” and “shiny silver”.

MTM also supplies the rims as a complete set of wheels. They are combined with Dunlop tires in the size 285/30.

Brakes - The MTM alloy rim has been developed to ensure the problem-free fitting of the MTM sports braking systems. To enable cars of this output class to brake more safely, MTM will optionally equip a sports braking system on the front and rear axle, enhancing road safety a step further. This involves equipping a two-piece brake disc in the dimension 412x38 mm on the front axle and 355x28 mm on the rear axle. No change is made to the handbrake function.

Market-specific prices, shipping costs and other MTM automotive tuning options for vehicles of the Volkswagen Group can be accessed directly through the MTM tuning website.

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