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Hamann's unlimited BMW Z4 M Coupé
Lower, faster and completely customised

Hamann's unlimited BMW Z4 M Coupé: front side view.

Hamann front spoiler: a more striking look, with ellipsoidal fog lamps.

31 October 2006.

With a completely new aerodynamic kit, lower suspension, unrestricted top speed of 273 or 275 km/h (169 or 171 mph), a 15 bhp power boost plus an additional 20 Nm of torque, BMW's already hot Z4 M Coupé goes now, with the new Hamann tuning program, to new dimensions in the small sports cars world.

Add to this a differently tuned sporting interior, 19 and 20 inches PG3 and Anniversary I wheel designs, 4-pipe rear silencer, high-performance manifold and sports catalytic converters. Now the picture is even more complete, if not simply more tempting.

Hamann BMW Z4 M Coupé: back side view.

Rear diffuser under the rear skirt, with cut-outs for the exhaust tailpipes.

True, hardly can any serious driver deny that the standard BMW Z4 M Coupé performance is one of the highlights of the sports car segment, way beyond criticism.

Nevertheless, the tuning logic has always ruled that everything can be made that little bit better.

That's the challenge that inspired Hamann, not just to design an aerodynamic kit for the Z4 M Coupé, but also to boost the engine output, not to mention the bolder individuality expressed by the German tuner's large range of accessories.

BMW Z4 M Coupé by Hamann: front view.

The Hamann front spoiler cuts front-end lifting forces.

Design and aerodynamics - On the aesthetic side first, the Hamann front spoiler gives the Z4 Coupé a more striking look, with ellipsoidal fog lamps and even more sporting lines. At the same time, it cuts front-end lifting forces. Should you prefer to retain the original bumper, Hamann can provide mouldings with air inlets.

On the side, the skirts lower the Z4 visually, with an air inlet on each side, positioned just ahead of the rear wing, for better rear brakes cooling.

BMW Z4 M Coupé by Hamann: back view.

Tailpipes surrounded by components, giving a competition touch.

The Laupheim-based tuning company also offers mouldings for the headlight, which round off the visual improvements at the front.

At the rear, Hamann reduces the rear-end lifting force with a striking rear spoiler on the tailgate. Another spoiler at the roof end adds another aerodynamic as well as visual contribution.

The final optical tweak is the rear diffuser, fitted under the rear skirt, whereby cut-outs for the exhaust tailpipes act as counterparts to the apertures in the rear skirt. Thus, the tailpipes are completely surrounded by components, which gives the rear view an additional competition touch.

BMW Z4 M Coupé by Hamann: tailgate and roof end spoilers view.

Rear spoilers on both tailgate and roof end.

Performance - The electronic top speed limitation at the still very sporty 250 km/h (155 mph) did bother Hamann engineers a bit, so they lifted the limitation, sending the maximum speed to 273 km/h (169.6 mph), and that's with the standard 343 bhp (252kW) / 7900rpm engine.

However, Hamann tickles a little bit more out of the high-revving 3246cc in-line six-cylinder engine. Reprogramming the standard engine management system produces an extra 15 bhp (11 kW). Torque rises by 20 Nm (14.7 lb.ft), from 365 Nm (269lb.ft) to 385 Nm (284 lb.ft)

Now, the Hamann Z4 M Coupé reaches 275 km/h (171 mph)

BMW Z4 M Coupé by Hamann: roof end spoiler.

Spoiler at the roof end: aerodynamic as well as visual contributions.

Beyond any performance figure, a great engine needs first a great sound. Not to say that the original BMW Z M Coupé doesn't sound great enough... but the Hamann engine audio signature comes here from a 4-tailpipe rear silencer with stainless-steel tailpipes (4 x 76 mm diameter), where better sound and faster reaction to throttle changes can be achieved by installing a high-performance exhaust manifold and metal sports catalytic converters.

For a greater agility, Hamann provides progressive suspension springs that lower the ride height by 25 mm. To make the body even stiffer, a two-part strut-tower brace (with Hamann logo) is fitted at the front.

In the sports driving book, suspension matters are inseparable from wheels and tyres.

BMW Z4 M Coupé by Hamann: different wheel / tyre combinations, view1.

BMW Z4 M Coupé by Hamann: different wheel / tyre combinations, view2.

BMW Z4 M Coupé by Hamann: different wheel / tyre combinations.

Here, the Hamann temptation comes in a choice of two aluminium wheel designs and different dimensions, which can also be ordered as complete sets of wheels with tyres.

First comes the PG3 multi-part, five-spoke wheel with a silver finish and polished outboard rim flange, available in the dimensions 19 and 20 inches.

The offered wheel / tyre combinations are:
- 8.5 J x 19 (front), 10 J x 19 (rear) / 235/35 ZR 19, 265/30 ZR 19,
- 8.5 J x 20 (front), 10.5 J x 20 (rear) / 235/30ZR 20, 285/25 ZR 20.

Then, the single-piece Anniversary I wheel design comes with a multi-piece look, also in the dimensions 19 and 20 inches.

With its silver finish and highly polished INOX stainless-steel lips, the Anniversary I is available in the following combinations:
- 8.5 J x 19 (front), 10 J x 19 (rear) / 235/35 ZR 19, 265/30 ZR 19,
- 9 J x 20 (front), 10.5 J x 20 (rear) / 235/30ZR 20, 285/25 ZR 20.

Inside, a variety of Hamann accessories and appointments brand the interior of the Z4 M Coupé with a bespoke sports signature. The list includes exclusive Hamann floor mats with Hamann logo, a finely wrought aluminium hand-brake grip, competition aluminium pedals, a sports gear-lever knob (two versions: aluminium / leather or 'Racing' aluminium).

The racing style carbon interior set is available in many colour possibilities. It consists of dashboard mouldings, door-grip mouldings, gear-lever knob and centre console.

Hamann can also modify any Z4 M Coupé in accordance with individual customer requirements, e.g., with luxurious leather appointments in a variety of colours or multi-media conversions.

Market-specific prices, shipping costs and other information - or inquiries - about the Hamann tuning parts and services can be obtained from the Hamann website.

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