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Carlsson CK 60, the other face
Of the Mercedes-Benz CL 600

Carlsson CK 60, based on the Mercedes-Benz CL 600: front view.

The CK60 engine kit gives the coupé a 0-100 km/h of 4.4 seconds.

13 October 2006.

If sports cars are usually reputed for their compromise conditions, some models still offer both large and sporty bodies, even with a luxury image and all the comfort you would expect from a top luxury sedan, like a Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

Well, exactly, take the S-Class as an example. The new Mercedes-Benz CL is technically based on the S-Class, to bring luxury and sports cars style together, with the required exclusivity of course. One of the biggest coupés around, it is also one of the most luxurious in its class.

But - there is often a but - if even a "standard" Mercedes-Benz CL600 doesn't stand up to your exclusivity standards, Carlsson, one of the most known Mercedes-Benz tuners in the business, has just launched its further refined version the luxury coupé with an interior of the highest quality and an engine tweak that improves not only performance but also drivability.

Carlsson CK 60, based on the Mercedes-Benz CL 600: back / side view.

The tuned V12 develops 600 bhp with 1024 Nm of torque at 3500 rpm.

Performance - Developed especially for the CL 600, the CK60 engine kit accelerates the elegant coupé from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.4 seconds. After the Carlsson treatment, the tuned V12 develops 600 bhp / 441 kW (standard 517 bhp / 380 kW) at 5000 rpm, with 1024 Nm of torque at 3500 rpm. Top speed is an electronically regulated 320 km/h (due to the limitations of the available tyres).

With such figures, the Carlsson sports exhaust system with centre and rear silencers improves both performance and sound. The rear view of the CK60 is dominated by the sports rear silencers with four tail pipes that impress not only through a dramatic, sonorous sound but also through a reduction in backpressure and optimised pipe run compared to the standard version. The result: more torque and more output.

Closer to earth now, come the ultra light forged wheels which are significantly lighter than conventional cast wheels and... just as strong. Comparable standard cast wheels weigh around 50 % more than Carlsson forged ones. Thanks to the weight reduction, they tend to tramp less than their cast equivalents (lower unsprung mass) and thus offer improved handling, safety and comfort.

Carlsson CK 60, based on the Mercedes-Benz CL 600: Carlsson 1/16 Ultra Light wheel design .

Carlsson 1/16 Ultra Light wheel design.

The Carlsson 3/11 Ultra Light wheel design is characteristic of the company's high-tech orientation. The three-piece, 11-spoke forged wheel was conceived especially for larger automobiles.

For the CL, Carlsson offers 11-spoke wheels in the dimensions 9x21“ with Dunlop SP Sport Maxx 255/30 ZR 21 tyres for the front axle and 10x21“ with Dunlop SP Sport Maxx 285/30 ZR21 tyres for the rear.

The Carlsson 1/16 Ultra Light wheel design is available for the CL600 in dimensions 8.5x20“ with Dunlop SP Sport Maxx 255/35 ZR 20 tyres at the front and 11x20“with Dunlop SP Sport Maxx 275/35 ZR20 tyres at the rear.

The lines of the standard CL are elegant, no doubt. Nevertheless, Carlsson just wanted to underline this elegance with restrained, aerodynamically effective components. For this reason, the front-spoiler and rear-skirt lips in typical Carlsson diffuser look, as well as the striking rear spoiler, improve the handling of the luxury car at high speeds.

The CK 60 is also fully in line with the safety reputation of Mercedes-Benz cars. These refinements are rounded off by an electro-polished, stainless-steel grille insert that, on the one hand, improves the flow of air to the radiators and, on the other hand, underscores the sporting nature of the design kit. The front-spoiler lip and grille-insert kits are available separately so customers can determine the degree of individuality themselves.

Exclusively for the CL 600, Carlsson offers the C-Tronic suspension electronic lowering kit that reduces the ride height of the vehicle by approx. 30 mm. Lowering the car gives it a significantly more sporting look, but the C-Tronic suspension doesn't only lower the centre of gravity. Thanks to the sophisticated technology, it interacts with the road surface, so on poor roads where the suspension has to work hard, the car's ride height is automatically adjusted to ensure the spring travelling remaining is sufficient for constant ride comfort. Drivers notice the effects of the C-Tronic lowering via a reduced tendency to roll and considerably more agile handling.

Additionally, the C-Tronic suspension ensures that even at speeds in excess of 120 km/h, the car is not lowered beyond the standard minimum ride height, thus ensuring sufficient compression travel for the suspension. An incidental effect of lowering the car is a reduction in air resistance and lift because less air flows beneath the body.

Inside, the Carlsson CK60 interior appointments combine Alcantara and leather, with the attractive rhombus quilting of the leather for the door centre panels and a firm and pleasant grip  on an ergonomically shaped Carlsson sports steering wheel in leather / Alcantara or leather / wood.

Market-specific prices, shipping costs and other information - or inquiries - about the Carlsson exclusive range of tuning parts for Mercedes-Benz automobiles can be obtained from the Carlsson website.


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