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Ferrari 599 GTB
Most powerful V12-engined production car 

Ferrari 599 GTB coupe - front side view.

5,999cc V12 - derived directly from the Enzo Ferrari – produces 620hp.

11th January 2006.

With the growing competition from very seriously backed contenders, Ferrari has just announced the all-new 599 GTB, confirming its determination to remain in the top supercar makers league.

The prancing horse has just announced that with its new 599 GTB, it will launch the most powerful V12-engined production car of all time.

However, ferrari knows only too well that even in the supercar category, the competition is growing fast with brands such as Lamborghini, Bentley and Bugatti at the VW group, Aston Martin at Ford Motor Co., the SLR model and other premium sports cars at Mercedes-Benz, BMW's higher sports models and its coming new Rolls Royce Corniche (2007), without forgetting the "unashamed" expansion at the most direct competitor of all, Porsche, or Audi's R8 which is expected for around US$100,000 from mid 2007 - but who can rule out yet another dearer Audi sports model later?

Ferrari 599 GTB coupe - back side view.

Just 2.6 kg per horsepower.

The birth of the latest model developed in Maranello was announced at the Detroit Motor Show (public days from 14th to 22nd January) by Amedeo Felisa, Ferrari’s Vice General Manager.

The 599 GTB is a mid-front engined two-seater coupé. Ferrari describes the result just as "a new benchmark for performance, driver involvement and design".

Its 5,999cc V12 - derived directly from the Enzo Ferrari supercar – produces no less than 620hp at 7,600 rpm for a weight/power ratio of just 2.6 kg per horsepower, which should put the kerb weight at around 1612 kg.

Ferrari 599 GTB coupe - side view.

The 599 GTB is a mid-front engined two-seater coupé.

For the body, Ferrari adopted the latest evolution in its tried and tested all-aluminium construction technology for the body and chassis.

The unmistakable Pininfarina design gives the Ferrari 599 GTB aggressive and elegant lines, well  integrated with the advanced aerodynamic solutions adopted to reach the performance figures attainable.

This new model is the symbol of Ferrari’s production – the V12 berlinetta – and represents the latest interpretation of a theme that has seen such classics as the 250 GT, the 275 GTB, and the 365 GTB4. 

Ferrari 599 GTB coupe - headlight detail view.

The Ferrari 599 GTB replaces the 575M Maranello.

The Ferrari 599 GTB replaces the last in that great line of berlinettas, the 575M Maranello, of which – together with the 550 Maranello introduced in 1996 - no fewer than 5,700 have been produced, a record for this type of model for the prancing porse.

The new 599 GTB will be officially unveiled on 28 February 2006 at the Geneva Motor Show.

Ferrari in 2005 - Competition may be growing, but the year 2005 confirmed the strong attraction of Ferrari products, not only in traditional markets, but also in new and developing markets.

To meet growing demand, while maintaining its natural exclusivity, Ferrari increased production, and exceeded 5,000 units in a single year for the first time ever; the main objective was to reduce the waiting time for its cars. 2005 was an important year for Ferrari both in terms of the company set-up, commercial successes and the new products it unveiled.

Ferrari 599 GTB coupe - rear detail view.

All-aluminium construction technology for the body and chassis.

In April, the Ferrari Maserati Group was split out and ownership of Maserati was transferred to Fiat in order to allow the Trident to establish a closer technical and commercial relationship with Alfa Romeo, particularly on the major international markets. Nonetheless, Ferrari and Maserati continue to collaborate on an industrial level, and with regard to technical projects, engines and sales network.

At the end of July, Mubadala, an Abu Dhabi government investment group, acquired a 5% share in Ferrari from Mediobanca and was immediately committed to being a reliable and stable partner with a range of new business strategies to share.

In early November, Ferrari and Aldar, an Abu Dhabi real estate company, announced an exclusive agreement to develop an innovative and exciting Ferrari Area in Abu Dhabi themed around the Ferrari brand. 

Ferrari 599 GTB coupe - backlight view.

The new 599 GTB will be officially unveiled in February at Geneva.

In October, a few important changes were announced in the Sales Organization. The American branch, led by Maurizio Parlato, is now responsible also for the countries of Central and South America. The creation of a new Sales Department was also announced for the Asia-Pacific area. This region covers a total of 13 markets, amongst which are Japan, China, Australia and Hong Kong.

In 2005, Ferrari's new sales record of over 5,000 vehicles delivered achieved thanks to the performance of the F430 in the berlinetta and Spider versions, and the 612 Scaglietti with 834 units delivered. Even the Superamerica limited series (559 cars built and sold out in few months after its presentation at NAIAS 2005) also made substantial contributions to this achievement.

North America, Italy, United Kingdom and France were all especially significant in terms of the positive evaluation of the past year. Important contributions were also made by new and developing markets (Middle East +41%, Eastern Europe +92%, South America +36%), which generated a substantial increase in volume without compromising the exclusive character of the brand. In China, with a brand new commercial network, Ferrari delivered 82 cars (about +100% vs year 2004).

2005 marked Ferrari North America’s 13th consecutive year of sales growth. The year ended with approximately 1,550 units retailed with an increase of 8%. North America is the most important market for Ferrari, representing approximately 30% of the marque’s worldwide sales. Ferrari’s top car market in North America is California, which accounts for 27% of sales, followed by the Northeast with 16% of sales, Florida with 11%, Texas with 7% and Chicago with 6%.

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