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All-New Mazda MPV launched in Japan

All-New Mazda MPV, 3rd generation, front side view.

Mazda's Zoom-Zoom look... even with an MPV!

3rd February 2006.

The all-new Mazda MPV has just been launched in the Japanese market at Mazda, Mazda Anfini and Mazda Autozam dealerships with prices starting from 2,380,000 yen (tax inclusive, see prices table below).

Sixteen years after the 1st generation MPV was introduced to the Japanese market in January 1990, Mazda describes this third-generation MPV as a "minivan with the soul of a sports car", with enough driving and practical qualities to make the Japanese brand (33.4% owned by Ford Motor Co.) put its monthly sales target in Japan at 3,000 units.

Design - With its long wheelbase (2,950mm) and lowered overall height (by 60mm, to 1,685mm), the new MPV has low, wide and stylish proportions. The low floor is used as a base for three rows of seats, situated within the long wheelbase, with the four wheels positioned toward the far corners of the body.

All-New Mazda MPV, 3rd generation, side view.

Long wheelbase and lowered height: wide and stylish proportions.

The exterior design has a strong visual presence with the dynamically styled vertical front headlights and prominent wheel arches.

Two exterior designs are available: the "Modern Appearance Package" that's chic oriented and the "Sports Appearance Package" that emphasizes an aggressive and sportier image. Nine body colors are available in total, with two new ones, "Cosmic Black Mica" and "Sparkling Gold Mica."

With the interior design, indirect lighting is utilized to match the panel switches that have been designed with uniform touch sensitivity, enhancing the high quality cabin atmosphere.

All-New Mazda MPV, 3rd generation, back side view

Mazda's MPV is available as front-wheel drive or (from 15 April) 4WD.

Engine - Powered by the newly developed MZR 2.3 Direct Injection Spark Ignition (DISI) Turbo engine, the new MPV delivers dynamic performance, with ample torque in the lower range and acceleration.

It is the only turbo engine that meets the 2005 emissions standard 75% reduction level (SU-LEV) in Japan. Tuned for use in a minivan, it generates higher torque that matches that of a larger displacement V-6 engine.

All-New Mazda MPV, 3rd generation, right-hand drive dashboard.

All-New Mazda MPV, 3rd generation, seats.

All-New Mazda MPV, 3rd generation, trunk with stowed 3rd row seat.

All-New Mazda MPV, 3rd generation, under trunk storage space.

3rd-row seats 60:40 split design in 1 operation, with large under trunk.

In addition, it is more eco-friendly than larger V-6 engines, achieving 10.2 km/liter in 10-15 fuel consumption mode (FWD models), complying with the 2005 emission standard 75% reduction level and achieving class-leading environmental compatibility.

Because the inline four-cylinder engine is lighter, front weight is reduced, contributing to better handling performance.

The turbo engine and four-wheel drive models feature the newly developed, electrically controlled six-speed 'Activematic' transmission.

Suspension and body - The new MPV features a newly designed high rigidity body and multi-link rear suspension, without sacrificing interior space.

The high rigidity bodyshell consists of MacPherson struts in the front and a multilink rear suspension exceeding, according to Mazda, the performance of conventional minivans in handling performance, and delivering a flat, steady-feeling ride.

Turbo engine models adopt 17-inch ventilated disk brakes usually found in sports cars.

High quality sound insulation is used to reduce road noise.

All-New Mazda MPV, 3rd generation, seat adjustment.

All-New Mazda MPV, 3rd generation, legs support adjustment.

Adjustments depending on body size.

Packaging innovation - A low floor and a long wheelbase contribute to the MPV's cabin comfort, with easy cabin ingress and egress. Functional features that were popular in older MPV models, such as flexible seat arrangements and a number of compartments for storing personal items, have been further upgraded.

A low floor, and large 785mm-wide sliding doors promote ease of ingress and egress.

The second-row seats have been newly designed for optimal ergonomics, with 'Super Relax Seats' available as a factory-installed option.

Each seat has a seat cushion tilt mechanism; a longitudinally adjustable ottoman; a large head restraint with a swing function, which combines to reduce the ergonomic burden on passengers' muscles and enhance blood circulation, providing a feeling of first-class comfort.

The third-row seats can be folded forward thanks to a 60:40 split design, in one simple operation, with a large under trunk where everyday items can be stowed regardless of the seat arrangements.

A premium audio system, jointly developed by Bose and Mazda, and an HDD navigation system that is compatible with Mazda G-BOOK ALPHA telematics technology, provides the new Mazda MPV with an array of entertainment systems.

All-New Mazda MPV, 3rd generation, airbags and windowbags.

Front, side and windowbags.

Safety and environment - Advanced safety technologies such as Mazda's Precrash Safety System and Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFS) are newly employed in the new MPV's unibody design, in addition to the advanced, high-rigidity, passive safety protection system, the Mazda Advanced Impact Distribution and Absorption System.

Mazda's own Advanced Impact Distribution and Absorption System offers passive safety protection and overall body rigidity, disperses and absorbs energy in the event of collision to reduce the level of cabin deformation. This system has been optimized to suit minivan characteristics.

All-New Mazda MPV, 3rd generation, i-Series seats for elderly or physically disabled passengers.

Available i-Series seats for elderly or disabled passengers (front & rear).

The new MPV has been certified as a Super Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle (SU-LEV), with standard emissions 75% lower than the 2005 emissions standard. This level of fuel economy also means the new MPV achieves Japan's "2010 fuel efficiency standards +5%" and is eligible for the "Green Tax" reduction.

The newest advanced safety technologies (AST) of the new MPV include (optional or standard, depending on versions):

Manufacturer's Suggested
Retail Prices in Japan

FWD models




MSRP (yen)

With tax

Without tax


MZR 2.3L





MZR 2.3L



Sporty Pack.

MZR 2.3L




MZR 2.3L
DISI Turbo




4WD models

23F MZR 2.3L


2,680,000 2,552,381
23C MZR 2.3L 2,740,000 2,609,524
MZR 2.3L 2,866,000 2,729,524
23T MZR 2.3L
DISI Turbo
3,100,000 2,952,381

- The Mazda "Precrash Safety System" (for the 23T grade) - a collision prediction technology;
- "Adaptive Front Lighting System" that promotes visibility at night by turning the headlights' beam, depending on the steering direction;
- A Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) that installs curtain & front side airbags to provide added protection to passengers sitting in all three rows of seats (options);
-  Better protection of pedestrians through an enlarged clearance gap between the hood and the engine, with a crushable structure employed in the cowl grille, designed to increase force dispersal in the event of a vehicle-pedestrian collision.
- Extensive use of polypropylene due to its excellent recyclability, with materials compliant with ISO standards and compound materials now easier to separate, allowing Mazda to achieve at least 90 percent recyclability of the new MPV.

Meanwhile, use of potentially hazardous chemical substances, such as lead, mercury, and cadmium has been drastically reduced. Also, volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions have been significantly reduced during the coating process.

All grades are certified for SU-LEV (the 2005 emission standard 75% reduction level). In addition, they exceed the 2010 fuel economy standard by 5% and thus meet the "Green Tax" standard, Japan's tax-reduction regulations for eco-friendly vehicles.

Sales started since yesterday for all model grades with front-wheel drive (FWD) and MZR 2.3L engine. They will be followed by the FWD and MZR 2.3L DISI Turbo engine on March 20, 2006, before the 4-wheel-drive versions join on April 15.

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