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Mitsubishi Colt CZC Convertible
Ready from the 2006 Geneva Show

Mitsubishi Colt CZC coupe/cabrio: 2.5-m wheelbase allowed 2+2 seating.

Colt CZC coupe/cabrio: the 2.5-m wheelbase allowed 2+2 seating.

3rd February 2006.

Mitsubishi Motors Europe will prepare the sunny days from early next month, with the world debut of the production version of the Colt CZC coupe / cabriolet at the 76th Geneva Motor Show (public days 2-12 March 2006).

Besides the third member of the Mitsubishi Colt line-up, the Japanese brand will set the world debut too for its Concept-EZ MIEV, showcasing an innovative electric motor-in-wheel drivetrain, drive-by-wire controls and ground-breaking interior packaging, while the European debut of Concept-X will preview Mitsubishi’s next generation Evolution X.

Colt CZC coupe / convertible - Drawing inspiration from the CZ2 and CZ3 Tarmac concept cars that were shown at the 2001 Tokyo and 2004 Geneva motor shows, the Pininfarina-styled convertible Colt CZC features a retractable metal roof that automatically folds back at the touch of a button.

Mitsubishi Colt CZC: retractable metal roof that folds back at the touch of a button.

Colt CZC: retractable metal roof that folds back at the touch of a button.

The Colt CZC shares its platform and basic architecture with the five-door Colt, taking advantage of its 2500mm wheelbase and wide 1460mm front and 1445mm rear tracks for a secure and planted on-the-road feel.

Opting for this wheelbase has also allowed a 2+2 seating configuration, with a pair of occasional rear seats as well as a reasonable luggage compartment - for a convertible small car - even when the roof is retracted.

With its stiffened chassis, uprated suspension set-up, slick five-speed manual transmission and choice of 147bhp and 107bhp 1.5-litre powerplant, the Colt CZC promises dynamic performance to match its sporty looks.

For the UK market, the Colt CZC will arrive in April, priced at £13,999 for the standard 1.5 engine and £15,999 for the flagship CZC Turbo.

Both versions are powered by an all-alloy 16-valve petrol engine, driving the front wheels through slick five-speed manual transmissions with bespoke ratios to maximise the engine’s performance.

Mitsubishi Colt CZC: choice of 147bhp and 107bhp 1.5-litre engine.

Colt CZC: choice of 147bhp and 107bhp 1.5-litre engine.

The top-line CZC Turbo borrows the 1468cc petrol engine from three-door Colt CZT. Developing 147bhp and 6000rpm and 155lb ft (210 Newton-metre) of torque at 3500rpm, the 1200kg CZC Turbo hits 62mph (100 km/h) in 8.4seconds, with a 126mph (202 km/h) maximum speed.

Despite this performance, it returns 39.8 imperial mpg (7.10 litre/100 km) on the combined cycle and has a tax-friendly CO2 rating of 168g/km.

The naturally aspirated 1499cc powerplant in the 1110kg Colt CZC produces 107bhp at 6000rpm and 107lb ft (145 Newton-metre) of torque at 4000rpm – enough for a 10.5second sprint to 62mph and on to a top speed of 114mph (183 km/h), while returning 42.8mpg  (6.6 litre/100 km) on the combined cycle and a CO2 level of 157g/km. Naturally, both engines are Euro IV compliant.

Colt CZC: the third member of the Mitsubishi Colt line-up.

Colt CZC, the third member of the Mitsubishi Colt line-up.

As with all current Mitsubishi models (in the UK, check in other markets), the CZC comes with standard 16inch alloy wheels, air-conditioning, leather steering wheel and gear lever, radio/CD/MP3 stereo, four airbags, ABS anti-lock brakes with EBD (electronic brakeforce distribution) and integrated front fog lights.

Upgrading to the Colt CZC Turbo adds sports suspension, M-ASTC stability and traction control, part leather seats, a restyled front bumper and unique 16inch alloy wheels.

The Colt CZC will be built in conjunction with renowned Italian design house Pininfarina which, along with Mitsubishi Design Europe, played a key role in the design and development of the new model. Production of the range will start at Pininfarina’s Bairo plant near Turin, on March 7th.

Concept-EZ MIEV spearheads Mitsubishi’s advanced electric motor-in-wheel drivetrain and drive-by-wire technologies .

Concept-EZ MIEV electric motor-in-wheel and drive-by-wire technologies.

Concept-EZ MIEV - On a completely different level, Concept-EZ MIEV spearheads Mitsubishi’s advanced electric motor-in-wheel drivetrain and drive-by-wire technologies to create an urban vehicle with thought-provoking interior packaging.

Making its world premiere at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, the brainchild of Mitsubishi Design Europe advanced prototype demonstrates the dynamic, packaging and design benefits of MIEV (Mitsubishi In-wheel motor Electric Vehicle), which uses ultra-compact electric motors that sit within the wheel hub itself.

Each of the Concept-EZ’s 20inch wheels houses a 27bhp in-hub motor - for a total output of 108bhp – powered by a lithium-ion battery pack sandwiched beneath the car’s flat floor.

By employing its MIEV technology in the 3700mm long Concept-EZ, Mitsubishi has liberated its engineers and designers from the traditional constraints imposed by internal combustion power and drivetrain, and have created an ‘urban capsule’ vehicle that provides unsurpassed interior packaging.

Concept-EZ’s usable internal space has also been enhanced by the use of a retractable steering wheel, drive-by-wire technology and intelligent folding seats.

Mitsubishi Concept-X - front side view.

Mitsubishi Concept-X - back side view.

Concept-X debuts the design of the next generation Lancer Evolution.

Concept-X - The third star on the Mitsubishi stand will be making its European debut. Concept-X is a preview of the next generation Evolution line-up, with turbo-charged power, clutchless transmission and an advanced new all-wheel-drive layout in jet fighter-influenced style.

The Mitsubishi Concept-X, first shown in Tokyo in October, makes its European debut in Geneva. With Advanced Super All Wheel Control drivetrain, powerful 2.0-litre turbo-blown engine and six-cog clutchless transmission, the Concept-X hints strongly at just what to expect from the next generation of Evolution cars.

In a distinct departure from the previous rally-inspired Evolution models the Concept-X, styled by Mitsubishi Design Europe, trades in its predecessor’s stocky and foursquare proportions for sleeker and more rakish lines.

It’s a dynamic and athletic look enhanced by its gaping air intake, louvered bonnet, hawk-eyed headlamps, chunky 20inch alloy wheels and bold rear spoiler.

Beneath the alloy-intensive sheet metal lies some equally enticing hardware: Concept-X is powered by a turbo-charged 2.0-litre 4-cylinder MIVEC engine that drives all four wheels through a clutch-less six-speed gearbox.

Mitsubishi Motors Europe notched up 265,685 sales in 2005, an increase of 17.7% and the third successive year of growth, with Russia, Germany and the UK leading the charge. Mitsubishi Motors UK posted its all-time new vehicle sales record of 38,345 units for 2005 – a 6% increase over 2004 and its fifth successive year of growth.

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