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New Honda CR-V crossover SUV
Suspension, steering and brake systems

New Honda CR-V crossover SUV: side view.

More car-like character: a centre of gravity lowered by 35 mm, a track that is wider by 30 mm, larger 17 inch wheels with a number of changes to the steering and suspension geometry.

27 September 2006.

Honda describes the new CR-Vís handling characteristics as being more car-like in their character, thanks to key changes including a centre of gravity lowered by 35 mm, a track that is wider by 30 mm, larger 17 inch wheels together with a number of changes to the steering and suspension geometry.

The MacPherson strut front suspension incorporates new geometry with a high caster angle, and inversely wound springs for straight line stability, along with improved toe-control dynamics for sharp and responsive steering. It includes high-friction upper strut mounts, asymmetrical coil springs, large-diameter lower arm compliance bushing and a 20mm front stabilizer bar to help control body roll.

At the rear, the independent multi-link rear suspension helps provide a smoother ride, improved handling and additional cargo space. It uses large-diameter trailing arm bushings to reduce harshness and improve ride comfort, anti-squat geometry to reduce pitching under acceleration and 19mm rear stabilizer bar contributes to reduce roll effects while cornering.

Steering - The variable speed sensitive rack-and-pinion power steering system features quick gear ratios for sharp and rapid transitions with a quick and light response. Previously a high-mounted steering box setup, the entire steering system is located lower in the vehicle with short length tie-rods to improve input geometry (i.e. more direct) into the front suspension.

A speed sensitive hydraulic power steering system provides more power boost at low speeds and less boost at higher speeds for a direct steering feel and improved economy.

All models have a tilt and telescope steering wheel column. The curb-to-curb turning diameter is 37.8 feet (11.5 metre).

The new overall steering ratio is more direct (15.7) than previously (16.4),  with 2.96 turns (lock-to-lock) at the steering wheel (was 3.2 turns).

Braking - The CR-V is equipped with a standard 4-channel anti-lock braking system (ABS) with Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD) and Brake Assist. Brake discs are ventilated at the front and solid at the rear. The 4-channel ABS with EBD independently modulates braking power at each wheel, as opposed to the 3-channel system that modulates the front wheels independently and the rear wheels with relatively equal braking force. The new 4-channel capability allows the rear wheels to react independently while cornering, representing a significant enhancement to the ABS systemís ability to influence vehicle stability and safety.

For 2007, the ventilated front disc brakes are 11.7 inches (297mm)and the solid rear disc brakes are 12.0 inches (304mm). The front disc thickness equals 1.1 inches (28mm) and the rear disc thickness equals 0.35 inch (9mm).

A function of the VSA system, the Brake Assist function recognises emergency braking. When the driver uses the brakes in a panic stop fashion, a pressure sensor recognizes braking system operation beyond a specific value for pedal stroke and speed. Then, the VSA modulator pump assists braking pressure to increase braking force and shorten the braking distance.

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