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Volvo C30 2-door entry premium sports car
Fresh , tonic and elegant... the Swedish way

Volvo C30 compact 2-door sports car: front side view.

Volvo C30: a new premium entry model for Volvo, from the sporty side.

29 September 2006.

At long last, here comes the new entry model to join the Volvo Cars line-up, the sporty and premium compact car that should help the Swedish brand to boost its worldwide sales to its target of 600,000 cars per year, compared to 443,947 units sold last year.

Specifications Petrol versions

Specifications Diesel versions

Trim & Prices UK market

Part of the Premier Automotive Group (PAG), with Jaguar, Land Rover and Aston Martin, within the Ford Motor Company, Volvo Cars expects to sell from early 2007, some 65,000 C30 every year, with 75 percent of the sales expected from Europe, mainly Italy, Germany, Spain, Great Britain, the USA, France, Sweden, and Holland.

Volvo C30 compact 2-door sports car: back side view.

Volvo Cars expects to sell some 65,000 C30 every year, mostly in Europe.

The C30 two-door sporty design, with four individual seats and a glass tailgate comes as a welcome fresh new face, tonic, young and elegant... the Swedish way of course. It targets a new audience of mainly young drivers who wouldn't be interested by Volvo's current entry model, the S40. They look for something smaller and more dynamic. However, it is worth noting that the C30 is derived from the S40 technical platform, in a smaller and more sporty package.

When its production begins at the end of 2006, the new C30 will focus primarily on singles or couples without children, known also as ‘empty-nesters’, as it can be tempting as a second car for families with children.

Volvo C30 compact 2-door sports car: side view.

The sloping roof of a fast silhouette.

Engines - The Volvo C30 is launched with four and five-cylinder petrol and diesel engines, ranging  from 1.6 to 2.5 litres. All engines have four-valve technology and double overhead camshafts for quick response and good high-speed characteristics.

The most powerful petrol engine (T5) is turbo charged, and has very high and even torque from low to high engine speeds (320 Nm from 1500 to 4800 rpm). At the opposite end, the 1.6D, the smallest diesel engine, has very low fuel consumption – 4.9 litres/100 km.

Volvo C30 compact 2-door sports car: driving position, top-down view.

Volvo C30 compact 2-door sports car: driving position view, from the passenger side.

Volvo C30 compact 2-door sports car: driving position view, from the door.

Elegance the Swedish way: meticulously neat design with a purity feel.

All engines are compact and transversely mounted in the engine bay to offer the best possible safety and cabin space. Turbo charging is used on the T5 petrol engine and on all diesel engines.

A six-speed manual gearbox coupled to the T5 and 2.0D engines. A five-speed Geartronic automatic gearbox is available with the five-cylinder petrol and diesel engines. A particulate filter is available with all diesel engines. 

The range of engines includes:

  • Petrol, T5 (2.5 litres, turbo) in-line 5-cyl. 162kW/220hp, 320Nm,

  • Petrol, 2.4i in-line 5-cyl. 125kW/170hp, 230Nm,

  • Petrol, 2.0 in-line 4-cyl. 107kW/145hp, 185Nm,

  • Petrol, 1.8 in-line 4-cyl. 92kW/125hp 165Nm,

  • Petrol, 1.8 in-line 4-cyl. 92kW/125hp, 165Nm (Flexifuel, Sweden)

  • Petrol, 1.6 in-line 4-cyl. 74kW/100hp, 150Nm.

  • Diesel D5, 2.4 litres, turbo, in-line 5-cyl. 132kW/180hp, 350Nm,

  • Diesel D5, 2.4 litres, turbo, Belgium only, in-line 5-cyl. 120kW/163hp, 340Nm,

  • Diesel 2.0 litres, turbo, in-line 4-cyl, turbo. 100kW/136hp 320Nm,

  • Diesel 1.6 litres, turbo, in-line 4-cyl. 80kW/109hp, 240Nm.

Volvo C30 compact 2-door sports car: seats view from the side.

Volvo C30 compact 2-door sports car: top-down view of the cabin.

Two separate rear seats, positioned towards the centre of the car.

Design - The design of the production-ready model shown at the Paris motor show (30 September to 15 October 2006) is in tune with the Volvo C30 Design Concept, shown last January at the 2006 North American International Auto Show at Detroit. A dynamic front with angled headlamps and a low, wide grille, distinct wheel housings in contrasting materials, all under the sloping roof of a fast silhouette.

The powerful rear shoulders are accentuated by the horseshoe shaped lighting pattern of the tail lamps, and the glass tailgate (the spoiler at the upper edge of the tailgate is available in two different versions).

The side windows offer a panoramic view from all seats. The inwardly curving rear side windows and the unique glass tailgate provide a good rear view. The tapered B-pillars offers a clear view between the side of the body and the head restraint. This also gives the rear seat passengers a good view through the front side windows.

A special body kit with larger exhaust pipes is available fully colour coordinated or in dual tone. To further personalise the car, the body kit can be combined with a lowered sport chassis and 18" wheels. The body kit is available in many colours to create a wide range of personal combinations. Styling items available for the interior are a sport steering wheel and sport gear lever with aluminium inlays, brushed aluminium pedals, and specially designed C30 carpets.

Volvo C30 compact 2-door sports car: seat backs view (backrests up).

Volvo C30 compact 2-door sports car: rear backrests folded.

The rear seat backrests are individually foldable.

Interior - The new C30 has room for four adults. The centre stack is available in four different versions.

The front seats are easy to move forward and rearward for convenient access to the rear seats. The tapered design of the B-pillar also contributes to the easy entrance.

The rear seat has two separate seats, positioned somewhat towards the centre of the car to provide space and a good forward view. This also provides space for storage in the side panels. The centred position of the rear seats facilitates communication with the front seat occupants.

The rear seat backrests are individually foldable. Folding can be done when standing behind the car or from the passenger compartment.

The glass tailgate is easy to open and close, offering good access to the cargo compartment. To keep items in the cargo compartment from view, two load covers are available: a soft and a hard version.

Volvo C30 compact 2-door sports car: inwardly curving rear windows and unique glass tailgate.

Good rear view: inwardly curving rear windows and unique glass tailgate.

Air conditioning and a pollen filter are standard in the Volvo C30. As an option (standard and optional equipment lists can be different depending on markets and versions), the car can be specified with ECC (Electronic Climate Control), which is automatically controlled and the chosen cabin temperature is kept constant regardless of the outside temperature. Furthermore, it is possible to set the temperature individually for the right and left sides.

Volvo C30 compact 2-door sports car: top-down view of the C30 body.

Accessories include stylish roof bars.

The ECC system can be supplemented by IAQS (Interior Air Quality System), which continuously monitors the carbon monoxide level of the incoming air and closes the air vents when the level is too high, for the in-cabin climate comfort and health of the occupants of the car. The system also includes an active charcoal filter to prevent dust, exhaust particles, pollen and unpleasant odours from entering the cabin through the ventilation system at any time.

Chassis - "Although the C30 is 22 centimetres shorter than the S40 model, it has the same safety level as its sedan sibling, even with respect to rear impacts" says Håkan Abrahamsson, Project Director for the C30. A compact and solid body, a generous track width, and a relatively long wheelbase contribute to giving it inspiring and stable driving characteristics.

The chassis, with MacPherson front wheel suspension and a multilink rear axle, is optimised to enhance driving fun. A lowered sport chassis is available as an option.

BLIS: a lamp near the mirror illuminates to alert the driver.

BLIS: a lamp near the mirror illuminates to alert the driver.

DSTC, Dynamic Stability and Traction Control, is standard in most markets. Steering is electro-hydraulic (hydraulic for the 1.6-litre petrol), with a distinct and controlled steering feel.
The range of options for the Volvo C30 includes a number of alloy wheels in sizes from 15 to 18 inches.

To help detection of other vehicles in the blind spot at the side of the car, the Volvo C30 can be optionally fitted with BLIS (Blind Spot Information System). It uses cameras mounted in the side door mirrors. When a vehicle enters the blind spot zone, a lamp near the mirror illuminates to alert the driver.

Volvo C30 compact 2-door sports car: inflatable curtains for additional safety in side impacts.

Side impact airbags and inflatable curtains.

To help reduce the risk of the driver being distracted by untimely information in critical situations, IDIS (Intelligent Driver Information System) is standard on the Volvo C30. IDIS is an electronic information system that continuously monitors certain functions in the car such as steering wheel movements, accelerator pedal movement, the direction indicator controls, and braking. This information is processed and at a certain level, information that is not crucial to safety, such as text messages or incoming calls to the integrated telephone, is delayed until the situation is less busy for the driver.

From the car’s menu settings, the driver can set IDIS to let GSM calls through in all driving situations.

Volvo C30 compact 2-door sports car: WHIPS.

For rear impacts, WHIPS reduces the risk of neck injuries.

On the passive safety side, the C30 is equipped (for front impacts) with dual-stage airbags, safety belt tensioners in all four seating positions, force limiters on the front belts, and collapsible pedals. For lateral protection, the C30 includes SIPS (Side Impact Protection System), side impact airbags, and IC (Inflatable curtains). For rear impacts, WHIPS (Volvo’s Whiplash Protection System) is standard on the front seats, reducing the risk of neck injuries.

Audio - Three audio system levels are available:
• Performance – with a 4x20W amplifier and four loudspeakers,
• High Performance – with a 4x40W amplifier and eight loudspeakers,
• Premium Sound – with a digital class D amplifier with ICE Power technology from Alpine, an output of 5x130W, Dolby Pro Logic II Surround, and ten loudspeakers from Danish Dynaudio.

Volvo C30 compact 2-door sports car: original tail light.

Originality with the shaped lighting pattern of the tail lamps.

On the two highest levels, High Performance and Premium Sound, it is possible to play CDs with music in MP3 and WMA formats, enabling the CD changer to contain hundreds of music tracks (in MP3 or WMA formats).

In addition, the High Performance and Premium Sound systems are fitted with an extra AUX connector for connecting auxiliary equipment such as a portable MP3 player.

From spring 2007, an adapter for connecting an iPod or a USB flash drive will also be available as an accessory. The Volvo USB/iPod Music Player makes it easy to connect ones own music player and to control it with the car’s controls, which contributes to increased safety and convenience. Information is shown in the audio system’s display.

Prices and trim levels (UK market) - In the UK where prices have just been announced, the new Volvo C30 SportsCoupe will be available in four trim levels: S, SE, SE Sport, SE Lux.

On-the-road prices range from £14,750 (1.6 S) to £22,995 for the range-topping T5 petrol in either SE Sport or SE Lux trim.

Following its world debut at the Paris show, the Volvo C30 will quickly be making its British show debut at the MPH show (Birmingham 26-29 Oct, then at Earls Court 2-5 Nov).

The Volvo C30 is available to order now and is expected to arrive in UK showrooms around the turn of the year for deliveries starting early in 2007.

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