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Mini Clubman, Ford Edge, Mustang Shelby GT500, Subaru Impreza and Toyota Prius
H&R aesthetic and dynamic tuning selection

H&R tuning suspension for a variety of attractive models.

H&R tuning suspension for a variety of attractive models.

11 January 2008.

The auto industry has rarely been so rich in choices. Niche markets like coupés, cabriolets, SUVs, crossovers, minivans... are now separate segments with different sizes in each category, not to mention the new coupé/cabriolet formula of retractable hard tops, and so on.

If difference and originality are behind all this diversity, pushing the limit a bit further leads inevitably to a new expression of individuality, beyond standard versions of any car model. That additional dimension is what tuning is about.

Most remarkably, the beauty of tuning individuality lies in a certain diversity, through the various options it has to offer, all under one label: choice. You can concoct you own formula for a new  or used car, for its looks outside or inside, for its performance in engine terms or in handling, through suspension, wheels, tires, wheel spacers or brakes kits.

Even if you close your eyes, tuning will make its way to your ears, with different exhaust notes.

Today, our tuning selection comes from H&R specialists, for the British Mini Clubman (A BMW-owned brand), the American icon from Ford, the Mustang Shelby GT500, in addition to the modern Edge crossover from the same U.S. brand, up to the Japanese Subaru Impreza and Toyota Prius. Yes, a hybrid car doesn't have to hide its sporty ambitions.

Mini Clubman - For the new Mini Clubman, H&R added to the flexible interior and increased size, more agile driving characteristics with a new spring kit, combining the look of an estate car with the feel of a go-kart under a well-proportioned body.

Mini Clubman with new H&R spring kit.

Mini Clubman with new H&R spring kit.

Whether the basic model is a Clubman Cooper, Cooper D or Cooper S, the handling of all models can benefit from high-quality H&R chassis components. The lower suspension setting of up to 35 millimetres also impacts very nicely on the look of this small Anglo-Bavarian model.

Besides the spring kit, various wheel spacers are now also available from H&R. They can either be combined with the smart series rims or with more personalised aftermarket versions.

Fully-filled wheel arches confer to the Clubman an additional dynamic dimension. The wide spacing, together with the spring kit, can turn the Clubman into a small serpentine roller coaster if required. On top of that, H&R will bring soon additional chassis suspensions and stabilisers, all at a quality approved with a TÜV certificate or ABE (vehicle type approval certificate).

Orange splendour for the H&R Ford Edge crossover SUV: front view.

Orange splendour for the H&R Ford Edge crossover SUV: back view.

Orange splendour for the H&R Ford Edge crossover SUV: dashboard and front seats view.

Orange splendour for the H&R Ford Edge crossover SUV.

Ford Edge crossover - As H&R specialists put it, the new Ford Edge urges its driver to hit the open road. But here, the H&R Edge goes a clear step further with its bold style and confident stance.

First of all, H&R sport springs lower the Edge 2” (5cm) for even more dynamic handling and ride, combining sport utility capability with the driving agility of a sports car. Furthermore, H&R Trak+  wheel spacers provide a precision fit and dynamic side profile between tire and wheel arch, while H&R triple C camber adjustment bolts keep everything in spec.

Big 22 X 10 OZ Giotti 3 - 3 piece wheels and Pirelli Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico 295/30R22 tires give the H&R Edge a powerful, muscular stance with athletic manoeuvrability, be it on hairpin turns or in busy streets.

On the body side, the Gemballa bright orange exterior is eye-catching and warm, subtly enhanced with the Pearl-Ghost world graphics which add a new visual expression of elegance. On top of that, Ford's exclusive panoramic Vista Roof can open anytime to welcome the sunshine over nearly 40% of the total roof area.

The H&R Edge also features a blacked-out race-like hood, a Camtec custom composite front bumper light pod with an integrated wind-splitter and Hella Celis LED lamps that give a high-tech night effect for cool city cruising.

For entertainment, the H&R Edge showcases the Ford factory premium stereo system which features an AM/ FM stereo, 6-disc CD changer, 4 speakers, MP3, Sirius satellite radio and a touch-screen DVD-based navigation system, all in a relaxing Waimea Cliffstone leather interior, combined with Mauna Loa Ash Mica accents.

H&R spring kit lowers the Mustang Shelby GT500 30 mm.

H&R spring kit lowers the Mustang Shelby GT500 30 mm.

Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 - Coming to the Mustang Shelby GT500, we reach a different sphere, although still at the heart of the blue oval brand. Here, H&R developed a spring kit which brings the convertible 30 mm closer to the tarmac.

More demanding drivers can opt for a coilover and / or upgraded sport stabilisers which improve the steering precision and road holding. The coilover kit can cope with ordinary road traffic as well as with a special weekend on a racing circuit.

Additionally, H&R´s TRAK+ wheel spacers can widen the tracks to further reduce over- and understeering tendencies while providing more aggressive looks. All H&R TRAK+ wheel spacers are made from an extremely light aluminium alloy and are anodized to guarantee optimal corrosion protection. H&R adds that a weight saving of up to 70 percent compared to conventional steel wheel spacers helps to keep the unsprung mass down.

Altogether, the H&R suspension components can make the Mustang Shelby GT500 a even more precise driving machine at a reasonable price-performance ratio.

Subaru Impreza gets 35mm lower with H&R TRAK+ wider tracks.

Subaru Impreza: 35mm lower with H&R TRAK+ wider tracks.

Subaru Impreza - For years, the Subaru name has been famous for its expertise in boxer engines (also called flat engines for their horizontally opposed cylinders) as well as for all-wheel drive technology. Of course, many car enthusiasts automatically associate the Subaru name with the blue rally car as a result of its countless successes on dirt roads all over the world.

For the famous Impreza model, H&R has developed a sportier spring kit, which lowers the compact body by some 35 millimetres, improving both looks and driving dynamics.

Although an all-wheel drive Impreza logically offers better grip than a normal front-wheel or rear-wheel driven car, H&R promises that its spring kit would give the same all-wheel drive Impreza an enhanced grip while cornering, and still keep it suitable for everyday use, even in terms of comfort.

Mitsubishi Lancer with H&R suspension tuning.

Mitsubishi Lancer with H&R suspension tuning.

Those who are after an even sportier handling will soon be able to get coilover and sports stabilisers, in addition to the available high-strength aluminium TRAK+ wheel spacers, to improve driving dynamics and road holding.

Toyota Prius - Often associated with low consumption and reduced emissions, hybrid cars are rarely viewed, at least until now, as real sporty machines. That's where H&R disagrees, considering that even a famous green car such as Toyota’s Prius, can be easily enhanced to give more driving pleasure.

Toyota Prius: hybrid cars can legitimately claim their ticket to sporty driving.

Toyota Prius: hybrid cars can be sporty machines.

For the Japanese hybrid car, the H&R spring kit first lowers the body by 30 mm, not only for a sportier look, but also to improve handling, especially at fast changes of direction.

H&R says that the kit blends well with the hybrid powertrain’s performance, since it enables the driver to push the gas pedal earlier again when driving through curvy sections. Hence, the driver is more likely to enjoy the high-torque electric motor, and the Prius’s real strength – its fast acceleration – is emphasised.

Furthermore, H&R adds that unwanted airflows under the vehicle are reduced, not only cutting background noises, but also enhancing fuel economy. The lowering also shortens the braking distance. The performance package reduces the brake dive so that the vehicle comes to a halt earlier.

Here also, the H&R’s TRAK+ wheel spacers reduce the Prius’s over- and understeering tendencies, making an economical hybrid car, also... an exciting one to drive.

To read more specifically about some suspension kits:
1 - Coilovers, 2 - Comfort and Sport Cup-Kits, 3 - ETS, Electronic lowering systems, 4 - Sport springs, 5 - stabilizer / anti-roll / anti-sway bars, 6 - TRAK+ wheel spacers and 7 - Triple C camber adjusters.

Market-specific prices, shipping costs and other information - or inquiries - about the H&R tuning range can be obtained from the H&R website.

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