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From 530 & 480 to... 600 hp, with a 3.5s 0-100 km/h
Converting the Porsche 911 Turbo and GT2
Into a Gemballa Avalanche 600 GT2 EVO... jet

Porsche 911 Turbo or GT2 based (997) Gemballa Avalanche 600 GT2 EVO: front view 1.

Avalanche modifications particularly prominent on the flanks.

28 May 2008.

Making a Porsche 911 Turbo, or a GT2 sportier? That's a good one.

More seriously, it is true.

We're talking about what the reputed Gemballa tuning company decided for the turbocharged, current generation Porsche 911 (the 997) Turbo (coupe or convertible) and GT2.

Put it in another way: how would you describe Gemballa's project to make the 530 hp GT2 (rear-wheel drive) and 480 hp 911 Turbo (4-wheel drive)... sportier?

That's part of Gemballa's reputation. Taking Porsche super cars and finding the way to make them even sportier.

Porsche 911 Turbo or GT2 based (997) Gemballa Avalanche 600 GT2 EVO: side view.

“Racing Black Edition” wheels: 9.0x20"/11.5x20".

With the Avalanche 600 GT2 EVO, we're talking about pushing power to 600 horsepower, with other dynamic and aesthetic modifications.

Engine - For the Sant'Agata - Bolognese raging bull, that goes above the Lamborghini Gallardo (530 hp for the 5.0L V10, or 560hp for the 5.2L V10) and under the Murcielago LP640 (640hp from the 6.5L V12).

For Maranello's prancing horse, we're somewhere above the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti (540 hp from a 5.75L V12), and below the 599 GTB (620 hp from the 6.0L V12), and significantly above the 490hp F430 (4.3L V8).

In output and torque terms, the Avalanche 600 GT2 EVO starts with the Gemballa power kit which shoots output and torque figures from:

Porsche 911 Turbo or GT2 based (997) Gemballa Avalanche 600 GT2 EVO: frontal view.

Bringing the 0-100 km/h to 3.5 seconds.

- 530 hp (390 kW)/ 6500 rpm and 680 Nm/ 2200-4500 rpm for the 911 GT2, and,
- 480 hp (353 kW)/ 6800 rpm, 620 Nm/ 1950-5500 rpm for the 911 Turbo (coupe or convertible),
- to 600 hp (442 kW) and 840 Nm in the Avalanche 600 GT2 EVO.

Performance figures bring the 0-100 km/h down, from:
- 3.9 seconds in the 911 Turbo coupe (4.0 seconds in the convertible),
- 3.7 seconds in the 911 GT2, to
- 3.5 seconds in the Gemballa Avalanche 600 GT2 EVO.

On the other hand, the various aerodynamic, suspension and downforce modifications put the Gemballa Avalanche 600 GT2 EVO maximum speed at 320 km/h, between the 310 km/h of the 911 Turbo, and the 329 km/h of the GT2.

Porsche 911 Turbo or GT2 based (997) Gemballa Avalanche 600 GT2 EVO: front view 2.

Modified air intakes bring the look of a Carrera GT.

Underlying the power figures, a whole set of enhancements in aerodynamics, brakes and suspension tuning support the new performance with corresponding handling capabilities, in addition to body conversions with special paint finish, sports exhaust system and 20-inch “Racing” wheels, all crowned with sporty and luxurious interior trim.

As one of the most reputed Porsche tuners, Gemballa enjoys a worldwide reputation for its expertise. The Avalanche 600 GT EVO power kit boosts the twin-turbo, twin-intercoolers, 3.6-litre six-cylinder boxer (flat-six with 24 valves) engine to jet-like acceleration in every gear and at every speed being the outcome. An additional "racing sports" intercooler can be ordered as an option.

Porsche 911 Turbo or GT2 based (997) Gemballa Avalanche 600 GT2 EVO: rear view.

The exhaust tailpipes display a jet-fighter-style covers.

Power audience - The power boost is acoustically announced by the sports exhaust system fitted by Gemballa. Upon request, a four-pipe system can replace the two tailpipe versions.

The 0-to-100 km/h sprint (3.5 seconds) can be further enhanced – depending on the driver’s skill – by fitting the sport shifter for vehicles with a manual gearshift, reduced gear lever travel, which is available in the “Sport” and “Race” versions.

Body language - Various aerodynamic components from Gemballa's own suite press for greater downforce. In its basic version, the Avalanche 600 GT2 EVO exhibits the fundamental Avalanche modification, which is particularly prominent on the flanks. Modified air intakes bring the look of a Carrera GT.

Also characteristic for the Avalanche conversion are the modified side sills, featuring smaller air intakes, designed to help cool the brakes.

Porsche 911 Turbo or GT2 based (997) Gemballa Avalanche 600 GT2 EVO: front door, seats and dashboard view.

Interior trim: sporty appeal with luxurious elements.

In addition, Gemballa fits the “GT” hood, the “Avalanche” front skirt with additional cooling openings, the “GT2” front spoiler lip in black carbon, the GTR EVO tailgate skirt with an integral diffuser and hot air outlets, the GT2 EVO rear spoiler and a stone guard.

For the rear end, Gemballa borrows design ideas from its own Carrera GT conversion Mirage GT, which is available as a limited edition. The exhaust tailpipes display a jet-fighter-style cover under each tail light .

The appropriate logos identify the 997 as a genuine Gemballa, while drivers wishing to show their allegiances with motor racing can adorn the front and tailgate skirt with carbon components. For the GTR EVO tailgate skirt, Gemballa also offers a carbon diffuser option. It is also possible to order the rear spoiler in this light-weight material. The offered paint finishes are available with different options.

Suspension and brakes - Gemballa rightly say that if it looks like a racing car, then it should also drive like one.

With the engine power and overall performance boost, Gemballa relies on an additional, extensive enhancement of the suspension and brakes. The Gemballa “Professional Concept” consists of a variable ride height coil over suspension, a strut bar, stabilizer kit and stiffened axle mounts.

Porsche 911 Turbo or GT2 based (997) Gemballa Avalanche 600 GT2 EVO: inside, back view.

Avalanche logos with a conversion of the rear area.

As an option, Gemballa offers a “Race Concept” which adds racing transverse links for the front and rear axle.

For vehicles without Porsche's ceramic brakes, Gemballa offers a brake system with four red high-performance brake callipers and brake discs with the diameters 380 mm (front) and 350 mm (rear). For an additional charge, an even larger system is available with a brake disc combination of 405/380mm and brake callipers in the customer’s requested colour.

Wheels - Larger wheels play a dynamic role in the Avalanche 600 GT2 EVO impressive appearance, with a set of Gemballa “Racing Black Edition” wheels in the format 9.0x20" (front) and 11.5x20" (rear) in 245- and 325-sized tires.

The wheel design is characterized by its classic racing look and the stainless steel rim flange. As a no-cost alternative, Gemballa will also fit the wheel design in its “Silver Edition” version or completely matt black in the “Black Magic” version.

Interior - Interior trim available for the Gemballa Avalanche 600 GT2 EVO expresses its sporty appeal with pedals and a driver’s footrest from aluminium, Avalanche logos in the door sill area, as well as instruments and foot mats, a new sports steering wheel with a 340 mm diameter in a leather/leather combination (upon request with F1 shift paddles), a conversion of the rear area and the sports package featuring leather components (not for vehicles with original leather trim).

The options list provides other versions of sports steering wheels (combinations of aluminium/leather or carbon/leather, F1 shift paddles, etc.), interior packages from carbon or leather (e.g. headliner in leather or Alcantara), various sports seats (also with leather and carbon) or a new carpet for the passenger compartment. Other interior conversions can also be customised.

Market-specific prices, shipping costs and other information - or inquiries - about the tuning suite available from Gemballa for Porsche vehicles can be obtained from the Gemballa website.

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