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Sportier appearance with better handling:
KW suspensions for the new Golf 6 and Scirocco coupe

VW Golf VI with KW suspension kit, front view.

VW Golf 6 gets three coilover kits from KW.

23 December 2008.

Following the launch of its suspension programme for the all-new VW Scirocco, KW has just released its coilover kit for the brand new Golf 6.

VW Golf VI - The recently introduced Golf 6 can now be tuned with the KW coilover kit in three versions.

Version 1 (V1) offers an optimal balance of drive, comfort and safety, with a stable damping control and a lowering range from 35-65 mm, approved by the Technical Control Board.

Version 2 adds to the KW coilover kit an adjustable draw damping control (comfort), for the sportive driver who also opts for a setup adjustment in addition to the individual lowering, so the subjective impression of driving can be optimally adjusted to the personal needs of the driver.

VW Golf 6 with KW suspension kit, rear view.

VW Golf 6 with KW suspension kit.

Version 3 is targeted to the even more performance-orientated driver. Its technology has its origin in motorsports and offers best performance and high comfort – depending on the adjustment.

The separate and independently adjustable rebound damping allows individual running gear adjustments. The patented system with its two-stage valves allows the adjustment of the draw damping (comfort) and the pressure damping (driving dynamics) at low speeds while the speed range for high velocities is fixed for driving safety.

Recommended retail prices start from 879 € for 85-110 kW engines.

VW Scirocco Coupé with KW suspension kit.

VW Scirocco Coupé with KW suspension kit.

VW Scirocco Coupé - With the 2008 return of a new VW Scirocco, the sporty compact coupé can get also one of the three individual sporty flavours of the KW automotive suspension programme.

For the Scirocco, KW offer now a spring set that lowers the body by 20 mm. Those who prefer complete solutions can choose from the three KW coilover suspension variants 1, 2 or 3.

V1 is available in versions “basic” and stainless steel “inox-line”.

Variants V2 and V3 are available as “inox-line” exclusively.

All three variants permit a customised lowering between 15 and 45 mm. Like all KW products, they are shipped with TÜV parts certificate.

Market-specific prices, shipping costs and other information - or inquiries - about the KW tuning range can be obtained from the KW website.

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