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BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo
Classic GT substance in contemporary SAV flavour
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BMW 5 Series GT: two-piece tailgate with only the lower part open, like as sedan (side view).

BMW 5 Series GT: two-piece tailgate with only the lower part open, like as sedan (rear view).

Opening the lower section of the tailgate, like a sedan.


The two-piece tailgate provides the choice of a small opening beneath the rear window and / or a large lid like on BMWs X models. Both sections may be opened and closed individually, with the large tailgate featuring Soft Close Automatic closing mechanism.

A partition between the passenger and luggage compartments provides sedan-like comfort while loading. With the partition closed, only the lower section of the tailgate is opened, leaving the passenger compartment isolated from exterior noise, smokes or temperatures.

With the rear seats and the partition in their standard position, the luggage compartment capacity is 440 litres. Moving the seats forward and unfastening the partition increases luggage capacity to 590 litres. Folding down the rear-seat backrests as well as the partition boosts luggage capacity to 1,700 litres.

BMW 5 Series GT: two-piece tailgate with both top and lower parts open, like an SAV (side view).

BMW 5 Series GT: two-piece tailgate with both top and lower parts open, like an SAV rear view with rear seats folded).

Opening the two sections of the tailgate.

Both the small and the large tailgate openings come with bracket hinges turning to the outside. The grab handle connecting both sections has two control buttons to open or close the small part of the tailgate. The latter may be unlocked both by pressing a button on the key or from the interior.

As an option, the large tailgate section may also be closed automatically at the touch of a button. Another option provides buttons in the luggage compartment for electrical activation of the fore-and-aft adjustment of the rear seats and the rear-seat tilting function together with the adjustment of the partition.

  Passive safety

Standard passive safety equipment include frontal and side (hip/thorax) airbags, with curtain head airbags on each side. The frontal airbags come with a two-stage gas generator to be inflated with varying intensity, depending on the accident severity. Airbags that are not required to be activated in the first place, remain ready to deploy if necessary in a possible secondary, follow-on collision.

All seats come with three-point inertia-reel seat belts. The restraint systems feature belt force limiters with an additional belt latch tensioning function on the front seats. The rear seats come with standard ISOFIX child seat fastenings.

6-Series crash-activated headrest.

Crash-activated headrest: in case of a rear-end collision, the front end of each headrest moves forward and upward, reducing the distance between the occupant's head and the headrest.

The front seats get standard crash-activated headrests. Controlled by the car's safety electronics, they reduce the risk of injury or over-stretching of the occupant's cervical spine. In the event of a rear-end collision, the front end of each headrest moves forward up to 60 millimetres (3.6"), and upward by up to 40 millimetres (1.57"), reducing the distance between the occupant's head and the headrest, before the occupant is pushed back by the forces acting on the vehicle.

  Towbar switch

One of the other practical options is the towbar switch, which is located in the luggage compartment. It moves the towbar in and out fully automatically. Maximum trailer load is 2,100 kg or 4,630 lb.

Being connected to the on-board system, the towbar automatically activates the Trailer Stability Control function of DSC Dynamic Stability Control when towing a trailer.

  Panoramic roof

Optional panoramic glass roof.

Optional panoramic roof: 116 cm by 94.2 cm.

On the well-being side, the optional panorama glass roof - previously only available in the 5 Series Touring and the X models - offers a more spacious ambience thanks to its large dimensions of 116 centimetres (45.6") in length and 94.2 centimetres (37.1") in width, and an opening of up to 44 centimetres (17.3").

The rear glass cover is bolted on to the body, forming part of the structure and contributing to the overall stiffness of the vehicle.

Compared with the panorama glass roof featured on the BMW 5 Series Touring, the new glass roof has been further optimised in its structure and function. The glass area makes up approximately 55 per cent of the entire outer skin of the roof. With the rear glass cover firmly bolted on to the body at the back and forming part of the body structure, it contributes to the overall stiffness and stability of the entire vehicle, avoiding even the limited loss of stiffness from a conventional sliding/vent roof.

The panoramic glass roof is opened and closed by two electrical drive motors. The control unit is integrated in the roof lining of the car, together with the buttons for the interior lights. The interior sunblind is also operated electrically.

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