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BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo
Classic GT substance in contemporary SAV flavour
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  Head-Up Display

Head-Up Display: information in the direct line of vision.

Head-Up Display: information in the direct line of vision.


The speed limit information may also be presented in the optional Head-Up Display. This display system supplies the driver with relevant information about driving conditions, by numbers and symbols in the direct line of vision, information and warning signs being projected on to the windscreen for optimum perception without the driver being required in any way to take his / her eyes off the road.

  Top and side views

Park Distance Control (PDC) is standard at the rear and optional for the front, as is the case for the Back-Up Camera, with Side View and Top View.

It "sees" more than it looks, with discreet sensors and cameras.

The optional Back-Up Camera projects pictures in colour and in the right perspective on to the Control Display.

Side View uses two cameras integrated in the front wheel arches enabling the driver to check out traffic coming from the side at an early point. The images recorded by these cameras are transmitted to the Control Display and offer an overview of traffic conditions to the left and right in front of the car when leaving narrow and hard-to-see driveways or parking buildings.

Top View provides a more detailed overview of road conditions with the help of two additional cameras integrated in the rear-view mirrors.

Data provided by the Side View cameras, by the Back-Up Camera and the Park Distance Control sensors on the vehicle and its surroundings is processed by a central computer generating an overall image presented in the Control Display and showing both the car and its surroundings from a birds eye perspective, helping the driver to manoeuvre with precision within a tight parking space for example.

  Climate control

A standard two-zone automatic air conditioning provides different settings controlled from the centre console, allowing the driver and front passenger to set the temperature, the amount and the distribution of air via the control unit on the climate control panel, individually for the right- and left-hand side of the car.

Two-zone or four-zone automatic climate control.

Two-zone or four-zone automatic climate control.

Standard in the BMW 550i Gran Turismo and optional on the other versions, the four-zone automatic air conditioning also allows individual adjustment of temperature, air volume and distribution at the rear left and right and comes with a separate control unit on the rear centre console.


The standard entertainment system includes a CD player with an AUX-In port. An optional 80 GB hard disc memory offers 12 GB additional capacity for music file, in addition to making the optional navigation system Professional easier and more convenient to use, thanks to its fast access to the digital navigation maps.

Other options include a six-DVD changer, a TV module, a Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) receiver and entertainment systems for the rear seats with two displays measuring either 8 or 9.2 inches in the front-seat backrests.

Control Display in the middle of the dashboard.

High-resolution graphics on the Control Display.

The rear entertainment systems come with two earphones and two AUX-In ports as well as a DVD player and a remote control unit serving, among other things, to connect external audio and video units. The rear passengers can use these control systems to control audio and video sources as well as TV programmes while travelling, since the Control Display and the displays at the rear with the optional TV module allow both analogue and digital TV reception, with only the sound signal (no picture) being presented at the front while driving for reasons of safety.


The two optional navigations systems Business and Professional present maps in high-resolution graphics and with route guidance.

Full-screen map presentation by navigation system Professional also offers a detailed overview of the region the driver is currently going through, with maps as well as individual symbols presented in three-dimensional graphics and an elevation map for added convenience.

Selected sights en route are highlighted by way of realistic graphics like a photo, while a preview map makes it easier to choose the destination.

As an alternative to full-screen presentation, the Control Display may also provide an assistance window offering either further presentations, information from the on-board computer, or data on the entertainment programmes available.

A special map perspective under the item Highlight Traffic Conditions offers a visual overview of the latest traffic jams and congestion reports.

The High Guiding function complete with integrated driving lane recommendations transmits detailed perspectives such as bending rules at an unclear road junction from the screen directly to the instrument cluster and, where fitted as an option, to the Head-Up Display.

The Travel Planer with its Guided Tours function helps planning tours by combining individual destinations to put together the user's personal tour. On request the system will then select the most attractive route and include the stopovers chosen by the driver in the overall route.

The ConnectedDrive service also offers the BMW Routes function as a further option. In this case the user is able to choose his personal routes with up to 50 stopovers compiled with the help of a Route Planner in the Internet. Then the routes saved in this way may be called up directly in the car through BMW Online or downloaded through a USB stick into the navigation system, which will subsequently guide the driver providing additional information on sights along the selected route.

On the navigation system Professional all navigation data is saved on the 80 GB hard disc which also stores the user's personal music archives, or downloaded music files from a CD, an external MP3 player or a USB stick, with storage capacity on the hard disc of more than 12 GB provided for this purpose.

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