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In addition to a wide range of MINI options
Arden MINI Equipe: 40 units for 40 years
A collector's item of an Anglo-German icon

Arden MINI Equipe, static front side view.

Arden MINI Equipe, static rear side view.

Front and rear handmade stainless steel and chrome grilles.

Latest update: 17 Jul. 09.

Following our recent MINI Convertible feature, here is today another elegant suggestion for a customised and... limited edition MINI, signed by Arden and due for official introduction and market launch early next month.

It is the new Arden Mini AM1 Equipe which comes as a tribute to the victory of the Equipe Arden in the 1969 British Touring Car Championship with Alec Poole. Hence the distinctive seal of the Arden 40th Anniversary MINI Equipe 2009, as a limited edition targeted at the connoisseurs of high quality materials, technical innovations and racing tradition.

Keeping up with the 40 years anniversary figure, only forty units will be signed by Jochen Arden and manufactured in craftsmanship tradition, making each Arden MINI Equipe a unique collector’s item. Arden says that several advanced orders have already been placed.

Inside, the dashboard, seats and doors are completely enclosed in leather, breathing the well-known German sense of dynamic luxury.

Arden MINI Equipe, dashboard view.

Arden MINI Equipe, front seats view.

Arden 2-Tone Design with elegant hand-stitched leather.

The new Arden Two-Tone Design (see opposite photo) extends over each interior element, with hand-stitched and newly revised casings.

The exterior also offers new approaches in terms of performance and design.

A handmade stainless steel and chrome grille adds to the front and rear of the smallest Arden, since the German tuner is also known for other British brands tuning, namely the luxury Land Rover sports utility vehicles (SUVs), Jaguar's premium cars, up to the even more exclusive world of Bentley cars.

Aesthetic and sports arguments combine through the very light Arden Gram-light aluminium wheels (6.9 kilograms) in 8Jx18'', as they enhance grip thanks to the reduction of the unsprung mass of the Arden MINI by a few kilograms.

Performance also receives a keen attention, with the power plant benefiting from a manual work-over with revised engine electronics, a new intercooler and a complete stainless steel exhaust system, including racing catalytic converters, boosting the MINI (1.6-litre engine of the MINI Cooper S) performance by approximately 50 Nm of torque and 40PS of output... another way of expressing its privileged status over a regular MINI.

Arden MINI Equipe, rear view with open doors and tail gate.

Arden MINI Equipe, aluminium pedals.

Interior covered with leather, and sporty aluminium pedals.

For comparison, the regular MINI Cooper S has a 1.6 litre, 4-cylinder petrol (gasoline) engine with direct injection and twin-scroll turbo charging, developing 128 kW/175hp (172 bhp) / 5500 rpm, with a maximum torque of 240 Nm between 1600 and 5000 rpm.

However, if the Arden Mini AM1 Equipe is based on the Mini Cooper S, it remains possible to convert any other Mini version, bearing in mind that the 40hp increase is specifically related to the performance and ECU kit for the Mini Cooper S version.

To upgrade road handling in accordance with the increased performance, a special Arden sports suspension with springs and sport-related shock absorbers, lowers the vehicle body by some 30mm.

Additionally, the Arden Mini Equipe gets a high performance breaking system, with 320x28mm, 2-piece drilled discs and red 4 piston calipers at the front, and 259x10mm drilled 1-piece discs at the rear.


The complete limited edition Arden Mini Equipe will cost approx. 55,000 Euro (ex factory, before local taxes and VAT), and includes the 1.6-litre engine performance kit with ECU, the sport suspension, high performance brakes, complete wheel set with 215/35R18 tyres, the Arden exclusive leather/Alcantara interior (including the leather-wrapped sporting wheel), Arden illuminated tread plates, aluminium pedal set and footrest, in addition to the hood air scoop grill and the stainless steel for the radiator grill, front spoiler mesh grill and the rear apron's grill.

Apart from the limited edition Arden Mini Equipe, it is possible to order only some of these features, including the complete interior in leather and Alcantara (can only be fitted at Arden's facilities in Krefeld, Germany) for 12,500 Euro (excluding VAT).

Market-specific prices, shipping costs and other information about the Arden range of tuning and design enhancements for the MINI, Jaguar, Bentley and Land Rover brands can be obtained from the Arden website.

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