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Mini Convertible by AC Schnitzer: up to 226hp
With handling, design and aerodynamic tuning kits

AC Schnitzer MINI Cooper S (R57): front view with closed black roof.

AC Schnitzer MINI Cooper S (R57): front view with open roof.

AC Schnitzer tuning for the new MINI convertible (R57).

APN, 13 Jul. 09.

  AC Schnitzer options

AC Schnitzer tuning specialist is already known for its range of accessories for the new MINI. But with the new Mini Convertible, the special gets even more spicy.

Launched last spring, the new MINI Convertible (R57) can now benefit from a wide range of special accessories, all developed by the designers and engineers of the Aachen-based tuning specialists for the new MINI. They cover performance upgrades, a sports rear silencer, sports suspension, alloy wheels, exterior components and interior details

Starting with performance, the German tuning specialists boosted the 1.6 litre, 4-cylinder petrol (gasoline) engine of the MINI Cooper S, from 128 kW/175hp (172 bhp) to 153 kW/208hp (205 bhp). The export version of the Cooper S goes even further to reach... 166 kW/226hp (223 bhp).

AC Schnitzer MINI Cooper S (R57): rear view with open soft roof.

Limited slip differential for the MINI Cooper S and MINI JCW.

These figures mean boosting the specific output of the direct-injection, turbo-compressed engine of the Cooper S:

- from the original 80 kW (109/hp, 107 bhp) per litre,
- to 95.6 kW (130 hp, 128 bhp) per litre, reaching even...
- 103.75 kW (141 hp, 139 bhp) per litre in the export version.

To enhance body stability and tyres adhesion to the ground, this power can be "processed" before reaching the tarmac, by an AC Schnitzer limited slip differential, designed for both the MINI Cooper S and special MINI JCW (John Cooper Works).

AC Schnitzer MINI Cooper S (R57): interior view, dashboard.

AC Schnitzer interior touches.

Right above, the AC Schnitzer suspension components are available as a suspension spring kit with height-adjustable racing suspension. In conjunction with an aluminium strut brace for the front, the MINI One, Cooper or Cooper S versions can express even more confidently their performance potential.

To fill the wheel arches of the new MINI, AC Schnitzer also offers a choice of wheel and tyre combinations with Mi1 rims in 17" and Mi2 rims in 18".

AC Schnitzer MINI Cooper S (R57): interior view, digital gearshit knob.

AC Schnitzer interior with digital gear knob.

In terms of driving dynamics, power and traction remain voiceless without corresponding acoustic qualities. Here, the AC Schnitzer sports silencer comes in special steel with chromed racing tailpipe for both versions, the MINI Cooper S and JCW. The AC Schnitzer sports exhaust adapts the complete exhaust system to the tuned engines.

Inside, the MINI central instruments, which are arranged between driver and passenger, get also significant AC Schnitzer touches, with sporting elements applied to the driver's environment, with specific gear knobs, handbrake handle, pedals and foot rests in aluminium, with velour floor mats.

Visually, the AC Schnitzer designers changed the front spoilers and rear skirts (for the MINI Cooper S), enhancing both looks and aerodynamics. Decal sets in white, black or chrome/ black can add the last exterior customising touches to any MINI.

Market-specific prices, shipping costs and other information - or inquiries - about the MINI tuning range from AC Schnitzer can be obtained from the AC Schnitzer website.

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