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With the Cruze from Q3 2010 in the USA
Six-speed automatic transmissions on 12 Chevrolet models

2011 Hydra-matic 6T40 (MH8)m six-speed FWD automatic transaxle.

2011 Hydra-matic 6T40 (MH8) for FWD automatic transaxle.

6 May 2010 – Chevrolet, Detroit, Michigan, USA:

With the introduction of the all-new Chevrolet Cruze, 12 Chevrolet models will be offered with fuel-saving, six-speed automatic transmissions. 

Chevrolet has quickly become a leader in six-speed automatics, which will be available on 75 percent of all Chevrolet cars, trucks, SUVs and crossovers for 2011. Compared to traditional four-speed automatics, six-speed automatics offer consumers up to four percent better fuel economy, and smoother, more responsive vehicle performance.

2011 Chevrolets
Transmissions Availability

Avalanche Standard six-speed automatic
Camaro  Six-speed manual
Available six-speed automatic
Cruze  Six-speed manual
Available six-speed automatic
Corvette  Six-speed manual
Available six-speed automatic
Equinox  Six-speed automatic
Express  Six-speed automatic
Malibu  Six-speed automatic
Silverado Six-speed automatic
Silverado HD Six-speed automatic
Suburban  Six-speed automatic
Tahoe  Six-speed automatic
Traverse  Six-speed automatic

“Our advanced six-speed transmissions offer customers wide-ranging benefits,” said Charlie Klein, Director, GM Global Mass, Energy and Aerodynamics, “including reduced cost of ownership, improved vehicle performance, lower CO2 emissions, and a lesser dependence on foreign oil. As such, the wide availability of six-speed transmissions is a real advantage for Chevrolet customers.”

 Chevrolet Cruze

The Chevrolet Cruze, which goes on sale in the third-quarter of 2010, will be available with either a six-speed manual or automatic transmission. With either transmission, the Cruze will deliver impressive fuel economy and performance. For example, the Cruze Eco model is expected to accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in less than 10 seconds and deliver a class-leading 40 miles per (US) gallon on the highway when equipped with the manual transmission (estimates for the Cruze Eco with an automatic transmission will be available closer to launch).

According to Mark Gilmore, global engineering director for manual transmissions, the Cruze lineup represents an example of how six-speed transmissions can provide customers better performance and reduced fuel consumption:

"Six-speed transmissions inherently offer increased flexibility over four- or five-speed transmissions to fine tune the gear ratios to specific engine characteristics and vehicle performance targets. In the case of the Cruze Eco, we have developed a unique combination of speed gear ratios and a final drive ratio that provide very good vehicle launch and low-speed performance along with three overdrive speeds (fourth, fifth and sixth) which enable excellent highway fuel economy and passing performance.” 

The combination of improved performance and increased fuel economy provided by six-speed transmissions has contributed to consumer demand for many of Chevrolet’s best sellers, including:

 Chevrolet Malibu

Fifty-four percent of 2010 Malibus sold are equipped with a six-speed automatic and an Ecotec 2.4L engine that delivers 33 miles per (US) gallon on the highway. 

Through April, 2010, consumer demand for the fuel-efficient Malibu has resulted in seven consecutive months of retail year-over-year sales increases.

 Chevrolet Equinox

Eighty percent of 2010 Equinox crossovers sold are equipped with the standard six-speed automatic and Ecotec 2.4L direct-injected engine with variable valve timing, delivering 32 miles per gallon on the highway.

Through April, 2010, consumer demand for the fuel-efficient Equinox has resulted in 10 consecutive months of year-over-year retail sales increases.

 Chevrolet Camaro

The 2010 Camaro is available with four powertrain combinations: a 312 horsepower 3.6L, direct-injected V-6 that delivers 29 miles per gallon on the highway with either the six-speed manual or automatic; and a 6.2L V-8 that delivers up to 426 horsepower and 25 miles per gallon on the highway with either a six-speed manual or automatic transmission.

The combination of power and performance has helped Camaro outsell its closest competitor, the Ford Mustang, for 11 consecutive months.

The Chevrolet line up leverages the General Motors families of advanced six-speed transmissions, designed for front-wheel, rear-wheel and all-wheel drive applications.

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