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2.2L MEFI Turbo engine and 5-speed automatic
The Luxgen7 MPV with "Think+" functions

Luxgen7 MPV: the next generation of passenger MPV.

20 May 2010 – Luxgen, Taipei, Taiwan:

A new player is set to join the fierce MPV segment competition in 2010.

Independently designed and engineered by LUXGEN, Taiwan’s first automobile brand, the LUXGEN7 MPV features high level of functionality and unrivaled luxury and technology.

Based on its core concept of “Think Ahead”, the LUXGEN7 MPV represents the next generation of passenger MPV worldwide.


Equipping with 2.2L MEFI (Multi-Electronic-Fuel-Injection) TURBO engine developed through the collaboration between LUXGEN and automobile industry elites such as Delphi, Garrett and LMM, the LUXGEN7 MPV offers peak power of 175hp at 6000rpm and maximum torque of 28kg/m spanning between 2500rpm to 4000rpm. 

By utilizing aluminum alloy, which dissipates heat 2.3 times faster than cast iron, for 2.2L MEFI Turbo engine’s construction, the LUXGEN MPV is able to reduce fuel consumption, increase power output and improve durability.


Five speed automatic transmission with a Control Module.

The transmission system of the LUXGEN7 MPV is a testament of innovative technologies incorporated by LUXGEN. 

Developed through cooperation with AISIN, one of the top three automotive transmission manufacturers of the world, the LUXGEN7 MPV’s five speed automatic transmission is equipped with a newly developed intelligent Transmission Control Module with 10 built-in operation modes. 

The control module monitors the gear position, engine RPM, vehicle speed and stability control system feedbacks and determines the optimum shift timing automatically.

When the engine speed reaches 6000rpm, the Transmission Control Module will up-shift automatically to protect the engine and gearbox. In addition, it’s built-in adaptive function records operational parameters including the angle of travel of accelerator pedal, the acceleration and deceleration frequency and the average driving speed and then automatically adjusts the shifting pattern to maximize performance and fuel economy.


Night Vision+.

The powerful and innovative IT and visual assistance systems, available exclusively from LUXGEN, is based on an onboard computer system dubbed “Think+”.

Co-developed with world famous Smartphone manufacturer HTC, Think+ offers six main functions including video and audio entertainment, telecommunication, GPS navigation, safety, owner’s exclusive applications and system settings. 

Together with the four powerful visual assistance systems Eagle View+ (360 degree surround imaging system), Night Vision+, Side View+ (blind spot monitoring system) and LDWS+ (Lane Departure Warning System) provide the LUXGEN7 MPV with world’s most comprehensive range of advanced technology, convenience, safety and service.


In addition of offering a luxurious interior ambience, the elegant center console is further trimmed with black piano finish, bright silver inlay and cool blue back-lit illumination to generate a refined and high-tech image. 

The LUXGEN7 MPV also adopts the “aircraft cockpit” design theme to signify the fluidity and simplicity of the unique symmetrical cabin layout.

Initially the LUXGEN7 MPV will be available with a choice of five trim-levels with the prices ranging from NTD 798,000 to NTD 1,068,000.

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