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A basic version can be driven without a driving licence in certain countries
Electric Renault Twizy: prices and online reservations site
Offering an alternative to two- and three-wheeled scooters

A domestic electrical supply charges the battery in 3½ hours.

16 May 2011: Renault announced at  the Barcelona Motor Show (public days from 14 to 22 May 2011) the price list and online reservations site for it new electric car Twizy, which will be manufactured at the French carmaker’s Valladolid plant in Spain and sold in Europe from the end of this year.

As revealed at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show last March, tax-paid prices will begin in Europe from €6,990* for the five-horsepower Twizy 45 which can be driven without a driving licence in certain countries. The 17hp Twizy is available in a choice of two finishes: Urban (from €7,690*) and Technic (from €8,490*). Press here to view the prices and preliminary specifications page.

 Twizy 45

Accessories include extra protection against bad weather.

The speed of the Renault Twizy 45 version is capped at 45 km/h (28 mph), which means it can be driven without a licence in certain countries. Renault says that its price also means that young drivers will now be able to afford a vehicle that is safer than a two-wheeler. Twizy 45 customers will take out a subscription for lease of the battery starting from €45 per month.


As an affordable alternative to a three-wheeled scooter, the Renault Twizy version comes in two versions, both powered by a 17hp motor: Urban and Technic, the tax-paid prices for which will start from €7,690* and €8,490* respectively. Renault adds that Twizy is more affordable than a three-wheeled scooter thanks to the tax incentives available in certain markets. The monthly tax-paid cost of the battery lease for both versions is €49.

 Online reservations

Customers can now pre-reserve their Twizy online at This requires a €20 deposit via a secure online payment module. Customers who pre-reserve Twizy online will be contacted on a priority basis when the car goes on sale with a view to confirming their order.


The French brand claims that its website, which addresses already 42 countries, has received more than five million visits, a figure which indicates the interest motorists are showing in the Renault Z.E. (zero emissions) programme.

 Urban agility  and safety

Twizy should get around town faster than a car thanks to its ultra-compact dimensions which also facilitate parking.

It offers up to two occupants – sitting in tandem, one behind the other – greater safety compared with a two-wheeled vehicle, thanks to its active and passive safety features.

Twizy should also make getting round town more enjoyable: it is more agile than a car, while its acceleration performance is comparable with that of a scooter. Its electric motor accelerates smoothly and silently, while torque is immediately available.

Its wraparound bodywork and side deflectors provide enjoyable open-air motoring, protected from the elements and wind.

 Driving range

The all-electric vehicle battery fully charges in 3½ hours using a domestic electrical supply via a spiral cable stowed behind a flap at the front of the vehicle. Renault Twizy’s low weight (450 kg / 992 lb., including the 100 kg / 220.45 lb. battery) directly benefits its operational range, which is 100 km (62 miles) in standard cycle. In everyday use, this figure may vary as a function of the driving conditions.


Accessories for the Twizy include a semi-rigid all-purpose bag holding 50 litres (1.77 cubic foot), extra protection against bad weather and the cold, rear parking sensors and a Parrot audio kit including Bluetooth connectivity, plus a USB connector, a jack socket and an Apple connector. A range of customisation accessories (coloured wheels, decals) will allow further personalisation for each vehicle.

* All prices include VAT. Tax incentives (different depending on countries) are not deducted.


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