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Exterior and interior tuning with engine boost by 27 to 40 hp
Mercedes-Benz SLK... the way Carlsson Autotechnik see it

Mercedes-Benz SLK tuning by Carlsson Autotechnik GmbH: front view.

The car's centre of gravity can be lowered by up to 30mm.

22 June 2011 : German tuning specialist Carlsson Autotechnik GmbH has just announced its design and performance upgrades for the new Mercedes-Benz SLK roadster (R172), with enhanced power for all engine types, a range of interior and exterior accessories as well as alloy wheels up to 20 inches in size.


Starting from the aerodynamics, the Carlsson approach consists of a front spoiler with rear apron insert (for cars with the AMG sports package, code 950), highlighting the SLK sporty geometry while exerting additional downforce on the rear-wheel drive axle, where the engine always gets the final word with the carefully listening tarmac.

Mercedes-Benz SLK tuning by Carlsson Autotechnik GmbH: rear view.

Special wheels (up to 20'') complete the visual touches.

The front spoiler and the rear insert are available for 620 Euro each (excluding VAT).

The front can also get the new front spoiler lip RS (549 Euro, optional in real carbon) while the grille inserts made from electropolished stainless steel (449 Euro) replace the standard synthetic honeycombs in the front apron.

From the rear, the engine's tone is announced through the dominating stainless steel sports silencer with two stainless steel pipes left and right in the typical oval Carlsson shape (available for 1298 Euro).

Mercedes-Benz SLK tuning by Carlsson Autotechnik GmbH: detailed front view.

Grille inserts made from electropolished stainless steel.

The acoustic engineers at Carlsson developed a particularly sporty sound in a way that optimises flow while expressing the character of the compact roadster. The diffuser insert and the rear spoiler increase the contact pressure at the rear axle even further.


Carlsson brings its years of experience in enhancing engine power to bring its C-Tronic tuning to the current generation of CGI engines. With the additional control units, the engine power is boosted by anything between 27 and 40 hp.

Thanks to its connection with the car's electronics system, the new C-Tronic makes use of the unit's existing reserves to ensure that the relevant safety limits are adhered to and that the engine is not exposed to any excessive wear.

Mercedes-Benz SLK tuning by Carlsson Autotechnik GmbH: detailed rear view.

Diffuser insert between the stainless steel pipes left and right.

Carlsson Autotechnik says that its new generation of additional control units for the current four-cylinder CGI engines where developed through elaborate endurance testing. Hence, durability is guaranteed by the car maker by way of a three-year warranty, valid from the date of installation.

Compared to the standard SLK 200 CGI power of 184 hp (135 kW, 181 bhp), the C-Tronic CB20 boosts maximum output to 211 hp (155 kW, 208 bhp) while the C-Tronic CB20S allows it to reach 224 hp (165 kW, 221 bhp).

Meanwhile, the C-Tronic CB25 boosts the power of the SLK 250 CGI from 204 hp (150 kW, 201 bhp) to 231 hp (170 kW, 228 bhp) while the CB25S enables the engine to achieve 239 hp (176 kW, 236 bhp). The C-Tronic CB20 and CB25 are available for 1190 Euro and the C-Tronic CB20S and CB25S for 1690 Euro.


On the suspension level, the tuning specialist says that by lowering of the roadster's centre of gravity by up to 30 millimetres, the suspension lowering kit (309 Euro) further increases the car's dynamics without impacting upon comfort levels. Used in conjunction with tyres of up to 20 inches, the suspension lowering kit adds the final visual touches to the car's upgrade. Prices of the complete wheel sets start from 1930 Euro (18 inches).


Inside, the compact two-seater coupé / convertible receives an upgrade from Carlsson's own upholsterers based at Gut Wiesenhof, with a combination of colours and materials which can be personalised with matching beading and stitching.

Carlsson Nappa, Carlsson Nappa Exclusive and Carlsson Nappa Exclusive Heavy Weight are offered as part of a basic package consisting of the upholstering of two seats, the headrests and the insides of the doors and are available from 3900 Euro including fitting.

Other interior options propose pedal pads made of brushed aluminium with Carlsson logos (suitable with both automatic and manual transmissions) as well as the Carlsson gear selector with Alcantara appliqués, individual carbon features or fine wood inlays.

Market-specific prices, shipping costs and other information - or inquiries - about the smart and Mercedes-Benz cars tuning range from Carlsson can be obtained from the Carlsson Autotechnik GmbH website.

Answers to warranty questions can be found at the warranty page. Frequently asked questions about fitting, official documents, registration approval... can be checked in the FAQ page.

Founded by brothers Rolf and Andreas Hartge in 1989, Carlsson Autotechnik GmbH is located at Gut Wiesenhof, near the town of Merzig in Southwest Germany. The company name honours Swedish rally driver Ingvar Carlsson.


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