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On German roads in May, from 10,325 euros (with ESP)
New VW four-door up! on European roads by summer

VW four-door up!, front/side picture

VW expects the 4-dr version to make over half of all up! sales.

24 January 2012 : German carmaker Volkswagen presented yesterday the four-door version of its up! model.

The latest member of the New Small Family (internal name for the model series) will be available at German dealerships this May (orders taking starts on the 6th of March), from 10,325 euros (including ESP). That's 475 euros dearer than an equivalent two-door version. The full launch on the entire European market is expected by early summer.

VW four-door and 2-door up! profile picture.

Differences in the lower window line.

The largest European automotive group expects the four-seat, four-door version to make over half of all up! sales, with the same engines (44 kW / 60 PS and 55 kW / 75 PS), equipment versions (take up!, move up!, high up!, black up! and white up!) and dimensions as the two-door cars.

The profile shows a clear difference between the 2-door and the 4-door versions, in the lower window line which rises towards the C-pillar at the rear of the first, while it continues in a straight line in the four-door body (see the picture above).

VW 4-dr, rear picture.

The 4-dr up! also gets a bootlid with continuous glass surface.

One the other hand, the front and rear sections are identical for both versions, so the four-door up! also gets a bootlid with continuous glass surface, as a hint to the smartphone designs. The boot itself has a 251 litre cargo capacity, extendable to up to 951 litres by folding down the rear backrest.

The four-door version has the same interior volume as the two-door, with a rear headroom of 947 mm, and 993 mm at the front. Legroom in the second row comes at 789 mm. The rear seat position comes slightly higher to offer the rear passengers a better visibility over the shoulders of the driver and front passenger.

VW four-door picture from rear, with four open doors.

The boot has a 251 litre cargo capacity, extendable to 951 l.

As options are also identical in both the two-door (priced from 9,850 euros) and four-door up!, they include the City Emergency Braking system, which is automatically activated at speeds between 5 and 30 km/ h.

City Emergency Braking uses a laser sensor (integrated in the upper area of the windscreen) to scan up to 10 metres ahead of the up! to determine the risk of a collision. When necessary, an emergency braking function can reduce accident severity via automatic brake intervention and potentially avoid a collision. 

Another common option is the maps+more portable navigation and infotainment system with touchscreen. It includes a navigation system, a hands-free phone unit, an informational display of different vehicle parameters and a media player.


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