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In the markets this summer, from 21,600 euros in Germany (4 of 6 >>>)
All-new Audi A3 premium compact 3-door hatchback
Lighter, larger inside with bigger luxury cars high-tech

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All-new Audi A3 premium compact 3-door hatchback: A3 quattro S-line, front-side view.

The S line suspension is lowered by 25mm (1 inch).

The suspension adopts a front McPherson layout with wishbones, and rear multi-link suspension. An optional sports suspension which lowers the body by 15 mm (0.6 inch) will be available, as well as the S line suspension which is lowered by 25mm (1 inch) for sharper dynamics. Wheels range from 16 to 18 inches in diameter.

To contribute to the fuel economy, the electromechanical power steering system does not require any energy input in the straight-ahead position.

All-new 2012 Audi A3 3-door hatchback: console with MMI and parking brake.

Electromechanical parking brake: operated by a button on the centre console and includes auto release / emergency functions.

The brake system has internally ventilated front discs, with an ESP system (Electronic Stability Program) which improves handling and driving safety by making minimal brake interventions, when the car reaches the limits of stability.

The ESP system also integrates the electronic limited slip differential function which enhances stability through curves or whenever a wheel spins faster in slippery conditions, by transferring part of its torque to the opposite wheel of the same axle.

The new electromechanical parking brake, adopted from the larger Audi models, is operated by a button on the centre console and includes an auto release function and an emergency braking function.

 Audi Drive Select

The Audi drive select system in the new A3, monitor interface view.

Audi drive select system, to change the parameters between comfort, auto, dynamic, individual or efficiency modes.

The new A3 will be available with the Audi drive select system (standard on the Ambition line), which interfaces with the accelerator pedal, power steering and S tronic transmission. At the touch of a button, the system can change the operating parameters of these features between comfort, auto, dynamic, individual or efficiency modes. In the latter, the electronic climate control and adaptive cruise control systems are set to enhance fuel economy.

The Audi drive select system can also manage the operating characteristics of the optional electromagnetic shock absorber control (known as Audi magnetic ride), which offers comfort or handling-oriented damper settings. Within these control limits, the system modifies damping forces in milliseconds, as a function of road conditions and driver preferences, and lowers the body by 15 mm (0.6 inch).


All-new Audi A3 premium compact 3-door hatchback: console with MMI and engine start / stop button.

New MMI features include the rearranged rocker switches or ‘hard keys’, and in the top version (MMI navigation plus), the large rotary push-button is a touch wheel with MMI touch.

Audi announces that a new modular infotainment platform makes its debut in the new A3, bringing new features in mobile communication electronics, and a layout which enables easy hardware updates.

The central computer of the new MMI integrates the MMX board (MMX for Multi-Media eXtension). The German luxury brand explains that this plug-in module includes the T20 graphic processor of the Tegra 2 series from Nvidia. It is used for all voice control, online, media, navigation and telephone functions.

When the system is started, the monitor of the MMI operating system is electrically deployed from the instrument panel. Depending on the version, its screen has either a 5.8-inch or 7-inch diagonal, within a high-gloss black housing made of magnesium, which is 11 millimetres thick.

New features in the centre console include the rocker switches or ‘hard keys’ which have been rearranged, and in the top version (MMI navigation plus), the large rotary push-button is a touch wheel with MMI touch, a technology first seen in the Audi A8. Its touch-sensitive surface lets drivers enter letters and numbers by finger on top of the touch wheel.

The MMI radio includes a user terminal and electrically deployable 5.8-inch monitor. It can be supplemented by the connectivity package which contains the Audi Music Interface (AMI) for integrating a mobile player, a Bluetooth interface and navigation preparation. An SD card with navigation data can be ‘retrofitted’ at a later time, or if the navigation package is selected with the car, the MMI radio automatically incorporates this feature.

MMI navigation plus with MMI touch is available as the top version. It is a media centre with 60 GB memory capacity, DVD drive and whole-word voice control. The high-resolution 7-inch monitor shows map images in detailed 3D graphics. It links the MMI navigation plus to mobile phones and mobile player devices via the integrated Bluetooth interface.

Other infotainment options includes a module for digital radio reception and the Audi phone box that couples wirelessly a mobile phone to the car’s aerial. An alternative to the Audi sound system is the optional Bang & Olufsen Sound System; its 705W amplifier drives 12 channels and 14 loudspeakers with 5.1 surround sound, and the edges of the woofers in the doors are illuminated by LED light conductors... >>>

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