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1525 kg for a 6.3-l V12 with 730bhp and 690 Nm (1 of 3 >>>
Ferrari F12berlinetta... the new V12 coupé from Maranello

New Ferrari F12berlinetta V12 coupé: driving shot, front.

The F12berlinetta gets the V12 (6,262 cc) of the FF Coupé.

Bechara Aboul-Nasr.
Latest update: 07 Mar. 2012.
Only a few days before its official world première at the Geneva International Motor Show this week (public days from 8 to 18 March), Ferrari unveiled last week the F12berlinetta coupé, its new generation of V12 sports cars, replacing the Ferrari 599.


On the engine side, the F12berlinetta is the most powerful Ferrari road car. With 740 hp (544 kW, 730 bhp) / 8,500 rpm (just under the 8,700 rpm limit), it is considerably more powerful than both the 599 GTB Fiorano (456 kW, 620 hp, 612 bhp / 7,600 rpm) and the 599 GTO  (493 kW, 670 hp, 661 bhp / 8,250 rpm) versions.

The V12 engine (65°) of the 2-seater F12berlinetta has a displacement of 6,262 cc, or 382.13 cubic inches (521.8cc per cylinder, or 31.8 cu. in.), as known in the 4-seater Ferrari FF AWD Coupé, with the direct petrol / gasoline injection (injection pressure can go up to 200 bars) and 48 valves.

New Ferrari F12berlinetta V12 coupé: rear view from top

Downforce is boosted  while drag is reduced.

The engine is mid-front positioned (its weight is more over the front of the wheelbase than on the front overhang) for a more neutral handling with better stability and agility.


The torque of the naturally-aspirated engine is also in significant progress in the new Ferrari F12berlinetta, with 690 Nm (509 lb-ft) / 6,000 rpm (80 per cent of the torque is available from 2,500 rpm), compared to the 599 GTB Fiorano (608 Nm, 449 lb-ft) / 5,600 rpm and 599 GTO  (620 Nm,457 lb-ft) / 6,500 rpm versions, which their 5,999cc (366.08 cubic inch) V12 engine.

The F12berlinetta engine extracts a specific output of 86.9 kW (118hp, 117 bhp) from each 1000cc, as well as a specific torque figure of 110.2 Nm (81.3 lb-ft) / 1000cc.


These figures lead to the performance terms. The 7-speed F1 dual-clutch transmission has closer gear ratios developed specifically for this performance: 3.1 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph), 8.5 seconds for the 0-200 km/h (124 mph), on the way to a maximum speed of "over" (as Ferrari says) 340 km/h (211 mph).


Should you ask now about the consumption, the combined figure (ECE + EUDC combined cycle) is announced at 15 litres / 100 km, which is the equivalent of 15.7 US mpg, 18.8 UK mpg, or driving 6.7 km per litre of fuel. This represents about a 30% reduction compared to the outgoing model. The CO2 emissions are announced at 350 g/km (with the HELE System, or High Emotion Low Emissions, which is a set of measures which aim to enhance the performance while reducing consumption and emissions, such as the stop and start function).

At 1,525 kg (3362 lb, with lightweight options), the dry weight-power ratio comes at 2.08 kg/kW (2.06 kg/hp or 2.09 kg/bhp)... >>>

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