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1525 kg for a 6.3-l V12 with 730bhp and 690 Nm (2 of 3 >>>)
Ferrari F12berlinetta... the new V12 coupé from Maranello

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New Ferrari F12berlinetta V12 coupé: front-side view.

New Ferrari F12berlinetta V12 coupé: rear-side view.

At 4.62m, the F12berlinetta is shorter than its predecessor.

Ferrari says that its traditional transaxle layout has been modified to match the higher performance of the car, with a shorter wheelbase (2.72m) than that of the 599 (2.75m), lowered engine, dashboard and seats positions in the chassis, while the new rear suspension and gearbox layout allowed the reduction of the rear volume of the car.

Hence, the new Ferrari F12berlinetta is shorter than the 599, as it measures 4.62 metre (4.71m for the 599 GTO and 4.67m for the 599 GTB), slightly narrower at 1.942 metre (1.97m for the 599), and lower at 1.273 metre (1.33m for the 599 GTO and 1.34m for the 599 GTB).


For those who are interested in proportions, the width ratio remains stable compared to the length (about 42%), while the height-to-length ratio comes lower at 27.55% in the F12berlinetta compared to 28.7% in the 599 GTB and 28.24% in the 599 GTO. The height-to-width ratio comes also lower at 65.6% in the F12berlinetta compared to 68% in the 599 GTB and 67.5% in the 599 GTO.


New Ferrari F12berlinetta V12 coupé: front.

New Ferrari F12berlinetta V12 coupé: rear.

New Ferrari F12berlinetta V12 coupé: profile.

 0 to 100 km/h in 3.1 secs, 0-200 km/h in 8.5 sec.

With these characteristics, the Italian sports cars brand promises exceptional driving qualities on the road as on a track, thanks to the advanced engine efficiency "in terms of mechanical, combustion and fluid-dynamics", architecture, aerodynamics, components and electronic controls.

The Maranello-based company claims that the all-new spaceframe chassis and bodyshell use 12 different kinds of alloys, with new assembly and joining techniques.

These techniques, and others, led to a 20 per cent increase in structural rigidity while reducing weight to 1525 kg (70 kg less than the previous V12 coupé) with a better 46/54  distribution between the front and rear axles of the rear-wheel drive coupé.

Ferrari explains that these modifications and others led to a compact car with a lower centre of gravity that is further back in the chassis, and a better aerodynamic efficiency.

Downforce is boosted by 76 per cent (123 kg at 200 km/h) while drag is reduced, with a Cd of 0.299.

These results were possible thanks to two factors: the first one is the Aero Bridge which uses the bonnet to generate downforce by channelling air away from the upper part of the car to its flanks where it interacts with the wake from the wheel wells to decrease drag. The second is the Active Brake Cooling system which opens guide vanes to the brake cooling ducts only at high operating temperatures, again reducing drag.


New Ferrari F12berlinetta V12 coupé: interior.

New Ferrari F12berlinetta V12 coupé: steering wheel and instruments from the driving position.

Aeronautic inspiration with new carbon fibre and aluminium.

The F12berlinetta will be equipped with Ferrari’s latest generation carbon-ceramic brakes (CCM3) and the evolution of the magnetorheological suspension control system (SCM-E). Like in all other Ferraris, its control systems (E-Diff, ESP Premium, F1-Trac, and high-performance ABS) are all fully integrated.


Finished in a new Rosso Berlinetta three-layer colour, the F12berlinetta' design is a result of the collaboration between the Ferrari Styling Centre and Pininfarina. The coupé has sleek, aggressive lines with compact exterior dimensions.

Inside, an all-new Frau leather interior comes with handcrafted detailing. In the middle of the dashboard, the new carbon fibre and aluminium air vents are inspired by the aeronautic field.

Additional information and prices should be announced nearer to the expected launch date later this year... >>>

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