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Romanian-made with European sales from late 2012 (<<< 2 of 2)
All-new Ford B-Max to join its subcompact Fiesta brother
With "hidden" B-pillars + sliding rear doors = wider access

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To compensate for the inclusion of the B-pillars in the doors, Ford says that the structure of front and rear doors has been strengthened for side impact protection, with ultra-high-strength Boron steel in key load-bearing areas so the door frames work together to absorb energy like a virtual pillar.

2013 Ford B-Max: driving shot, front.

Seven engine options with a power range from 75 to 120 PS.

The European arm of the American cars and trucks manufacturer adds that special safety interlocks and reinforced latch mechanisms help the doors to remain fixed to the roof and floor structure during an impact, so they act together to help protect the occupants, in addition to the other structural enhancements to the bodyshell and the restraint systems.

 Petrol engines

The B-Max will be launched with four petrol (gasoline) and three diesel engine options. The petrol engines start from the three-cylinder 1.0-litre EcoBoost, available in 100PS (74 kW, 99 bhp) and 120PS (88 kW, 118 bhp) versions. The latter comes with a standard Auto-Start-Stop system with CO2 emissions of 114g/km and fuel consumption of 4.9 litre/ 100km (57.6 UK mpg, 48 USA mpg, 20.41 km/litre).

2013 Ford B-Max: static shot, rear, panoramic sun roof.

A panoramic sun roof option can enhance the perception of interior space, especially in a subcompact car like the B-Max.

Other petrol engine options include the 1.4-litre Duratec unit (90PS, 66 kW, 89 bhp), or the 1.6-litre Duratec engine (105PS, 77 kW, 104 bhp) with Fordís PowerShift six-speed automatic transmission with dual clutch technology.

 Diesel engines

Two Duratorq TDCi engines will be available: the 95PS (70 kW, 94 bhp) 1.6-litre engine delivers CO2 emissions of 104g/km and fuel consumption of 4.0l/100km (70.6 UK mpg, 58.8 US mpg, 25 km / litre), or its derived version the 75PS (55 kW, 74 bhp) 1.5-litre diesel, which appears for the first time in Fordís European product range. Its CO2 emissions are at 109g/km with a fuel consumption average of 4.1l/100km (68.9 UK mpg, 57.4 USA mpg, 24.4 km / litre).

Fuel saving and emissions reducing ECOnetic technologies fitted as standard to all B-Max vehicles will include Electric Power Assisted Steering, Gear Shift Indicator to highlight the most efficient gear changing points, and the Ford Eco Mode driver information system which helps adopt a more economical driving style. Smart Regenerative Charging, which charges the battery at the most economical point in a journey, is also featured on the 1.0-litre EcoBoost and 1.5/1.6-litre Duratorq engines.


The new B-Max will also feature Fordís voice-activated, in-car connectivity system, SYNC, with its Emergency Assistance function which helps the passengers to call emergency services in the event of a crash. The Emergency Assistance can communicate with emergency services in more than 30 countries and should be provided to customers free of charge for the life of their vehicle (to be checked later depending on markets and equipment versions). Through the GPS locator in the vehicle, the system can communicate with the emergency services operator in the spoken language throughout Europe.

The SYNC system (see also the Focus MyFord system and the SYNC system previous mentions at autopressnews.com) is an advanced voice control, device integration and connectivity interface. It enables users to connect mobile phones and music players by Bluetooth or USB, make hands-free telephone calls and control music and other functions using voice commands. It can also automatically transfer contacts details from a connected Bluetooth device (a smartphone for instance) to the vehicle, as it allows calls to contacts to be activated using straightforward voice commands and reads text messages aloud from phones connected using Bluetooth MAP.

Ford expects that the SYNC system, which is already well established in the U.S., to be adopted in more than 3.5 million new vehicles in Europe by 2015.

 Active City Stop

The Active City Stop system will be another interesting feature to be available with the B-Max (again, standard and optional features will be announced, with the prices, nearer to the launch date), as it helps avoid low speed collisions with the car in front, when it is stationary or moving slowly.

First launched on the compact (lower-medium) Ford Focus last year, Active City Stop monitors traffic ahead and applies the brakes if it detects a risk of collision with a vehicle in front. Ford says that its system can prevent collisions at speeds up to 15km/h (9.3 mph) and reduce the severity of impacts at speeds as high as 30km/h (18.6 mph).

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Other equipment items will include the Hill Launch Assist, which stops the car rolling back during hill starts or when parking on a slope, in addition to a rear-view camera to help in parallel parking, an eight-speaker Sony audio system, Key Free system, Ford Power Button and leather upholstery.


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