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On Friday and Saturday July 6 and 7:
Renault Twizy test drives at 10 Autolib’ points in Paris
To familiarize the public with the city’s most plugged-in car

With 147 charging stations in Paris, Twizy can take it... easy.  

03 July 2012: French carmaker Renault will be offering the opportunity to test drive 30 Twizy electric vehicles in Paris this week on Friday and Saturday (July 6 and 7), with the car sharing service Autolib’.

Renault says that to spread the word on charging solutions for the Twizy in Paris, it partnered with Autolib’ to organize free test drives at ten Autolib’ pick-up points this Friday (from 8 am to 6 pm) and Saturday (from 9 am to 7 pm).

Bearing in mind that the Autolib’ service counts no less than 121 charging stations in Paris, Renault Twizy becomes logically the capital’s most “plugged-in” vehicle.

The Friday test drives will be followed (from 7 pm to midnight) by events at five Autolib’ pick-up points, in which the public will get a “makeover” before taking Twizy out for a drive.

These test drives aim particularly to demonstrate that for a subscription fee of €15 a month – and €15 a year for Twizy 45 – users can charge up easily at one of Autolib’s 121 charging stations in the capital.

To answer the public’s questions, three representatives (two for Twizy and one Autolib’) will be on hand at each pick-up point. They will also present to the public the Twizy charging solutions, with 147 charging stations, of which 121 Autolib’ stations, Paris Town Hall stations and stations in Vinci parking lots.

The public will also see the map of charging points in the capital, together with the charge map and autolib’ smartphone apps, with advice on the best way to use an electric vehicle, the best time to charge it, and demonstrations of how easy Twizy is to drive and to park (three Twizys fit into a regular parking space).

The ten test drive points will be at:

  1. 51 Rue de Bretagne Paris III,

  2. 2 Avenue Parmentier Paris XI,

  3. 106 Boulevard Voltaire Paris XI,

  4. 24 Boulevard Diderot Paris XII,

  5. 172 Boulevard Diderot Paris XII,

  6. 78 Avenue du Maine Paris XIV,

  7. 2 Place de Catalogne Paris XIV,

  8. 109 Avenue Félix Faure Paris XV,

  9. 13 Avenue de la Grande Armée Paris XVI,

  10. 60 Avenue Victor Hugo Paris XVI.

The five “Makeovers” points will be organised at:

  1. 172 Boulevard Diderot Paris XII with Bar à Chignons,

  2. 78 Avenue du Maine Paris XIV with Bar à Nails,

  3. 51 Rue de Bretagne Paris III with L’Atelier du Maquillage,

  4. 172 Boulevard Diderot Paris XII with L’Atelier de Cutomisation,

  5. 2 Avenue Parmentier Paris XI with Le Barbier / Coiffeur.

Those who are tempted by the test drives or simply seeking additional information can find more details at or at


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