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On sale in mainland Europe from early 2013
All-new 220 PS Volkswagen Golf GTi concept
Follows the 7th-generation compact hatch to Paris

Volkswagen Golf GTi concept: front-side static picture.

The new GTi shows the 3-door version of VW's compact Golf.

08 Oct. 2012: In parallel with the presentation of the all-new, 7th generation VW Golf at the 2012 Paris international motor show (29 September to 14 October), the iconic Golf GTi couldn't wait longer to make its world première, at least as a concept first, before its production version goes on sale in mainland Europe early next year (summer 2013 in the UK).

The new Golf GTi, which is the typical icon of the hot compact hatchback (lower medium, C-segment), gets an advanced version of the EA888 series engine, with the 2.0-litre turbocharged direct-injection petrol (gasoline) powerplant developing 220 PS (162 kW, 217 bhp), compared to the 210 PS of the 6th-generation Golf GTI.

Volkswagen Golf GTi concept: side-rear static picture.

GTI concept: red brake callipers and chrome 80 mm tailpipes.

Maximum torque has also been increased to 350 Nm, 258 lb-ft (+70 Nm, +51.6 lb-ft) – like the previous Golf R. This engine should allow a zero to 100 km/h (62 mph) acceleration time of 6.6 seconds (provisional figures) on the way to a top speed of 153 mph (246 km/h), where legal and objective conditions allow it.

A factory-fitted ‘performance pack’ will also be available to boost maximum power to 230 PS (169 kW, 227 bhp), with a 0-100 km/h (62 mph) achievable in 6.5 seconds, and a top speed to 155 mph (249 km/h). With this pack, the front brake disc diameter is increased and a front axle differential lock in added to reduce understeer possibilities by transferring excess torque from the potentially "crazy" wheel to the opposite one on the same axle.

Volkswagen Golf GTi concept: driving position.

A flat bottomed steering wheel and GTI red ambience lighting.

Both GTI versions will be equipped with a standard Stop/Start system and comply with the EU-6 emissions standard that takes effect in 2014.

Volkswagen says that with the six-speed manual gearbox, the GTI should bring an 18 per cent improvement over the Mk VI GTi, with a combined fuel consumption figure (provisional) of 47.1 UK mpg (6.0 litres/100 km, 16.7 km/litre, 39.2 US mpg), with CO2 emissions of 140 g/km.

Also, both GTI models will be available with an optional six-speed DSG gearbox, and get a standard variable ratio steering system which helps the driver to turn the car through a desired radius with smaller movements of the steering wheel.

Volkswagen Golf GTi concept: sports seats.

Special interior GTi additions include tartan sports seats.

Compared with the fixed ratio of a conventional steering system, the variable steering ratio reduces steering input when manoeuvring and parking, while the more direct ratio improves handling dynamics and stability on twisting country roads.

Finally, the new Golf GTI concept gets its own external and internal styling features, such as red brake callipers, a honeycomb grille with double red stripe detail, chrome 80 mm diameter tailpipes and smoked LED rear lights and LED licence plate illumination.

Special interior GTi additions include tartan sports seats, a flat bottomed steering wheel, GTI golf ball gear knob and the GTI-specific red ambience lighting.


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