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2015 Hyundai Sonata midsize sedan
Upgraded in size, noise insulation and stiffness

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Hyundai Sonata Sport 2.0T, profile view
Length, from 189.8 inch (4,820 mm) to 191.1 in. (4,854 mm) and wheelbase, from 110.0 in. (2,795 mm) to 110.4 in. (2,804 mm).

Built from this summer at the Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama plant in Montgomery, Ala. in the U.S., the new 2015 Hyundai Sonata comes with more crisp lines on smooth surfaces, a drag coefficient of 0.27, and a rather premium look for the Sonata Limited version while the Sport  and especially Sport 2.0T versions go for a  more aggressive stance.

Main exterior dimensions The main exterior dimensions of the new 2015 Sonata are larger than the previous 6th generation, with a growth in:

• overall length: from 189.8 inch (4,820 mm) to 191.1 in. (4,854 mm),
• wheelbase: from 110.0 in. (2,795 mm) to 110.4 in. (2,804 mm),
• overall width: from 72.2 in. (1,835 mm) to 73.4 in. (1,864 mm),
• overall height: from 57.9 in. (1,470 mm) to 58.1 in. (1,476 mm).

In volume terms, the 2015 Sonata provides:

• 106.1 cu. ft. (3004 litres) of passenger volume (was 103.8 cu. ft., 2939 litres in the previous generation),

• 16.3 cu. ft. (462 litres) of trunk volume (boot), was 16.4 cu. ft. (464 litres),

• total interior volume of 122.4 cu. ft. (3466 litres), was 120.2 cu. ft (3403 litres).

2015 Hyundai Sonata dashboard
The center stack's controls fall within easy reach and sight.
The center stack's buttons and controls fall within the easy reach and sight of the driver, while the height of the audio display or 8-inch navigation system and instrument cluster are on the same level for better readability.

The steering wheel gets a new column design, and the Sport 2.0T receives a D-cut steering wheel with paddle shifters.

Body To reduce road noise reaching the cabin, Hyundai says that the size of the apertures in the bulkhead has been reduced, with an increased use of sound deadening materials in the dashboard, more sound absorption materials under the floorpan in addition to an underbody tray made of fibrous glass expansion board to improve aerodynamics while also reducing noise.

The Korean brand says that it adopted the advanced high-strength steel in over 50 percent of total platform composition, which gives according to the manufacturer, a 41 percent stiffer torsional rigidity and 35 percent greater bending strength, as this material is twice as rigid as traditional steel and 10 percent lighter.

The automaker adds that the multilink rear suspension design was also revised to enhance responsiveness, handling and stability while reducing impact harshness, with dual lower suspension arms replacing the old single-arm design.

Also, the revised front sub-frame bushings are 17 percent stiffer than before to enhance steering feel and responsiveness.

Hyundai indicates that the 2015 Sonata Sport 2.0T version adopts a revised rack-mounted dual-pinion electric power steering system which should provide more natural steering feel, with its own sport-tuned suspension and larger 12.6-inch front brakes.
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