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New 2017 5-door Honda Civic compact hatchback
Honda's modular platform gets gen-10 Civic
New equipment levels in larger dimensions (1/2)

It doesn't need long presentations: the all-new, tenth generation Honda Civic continues its already 40-year history all over the world, with the presentation of the production 5-door hatchback earlier this month, at the 2016 Paris Mondial de l'Automobile (1-16 Oct.), after the new 4-door Civic sedan (last year) and 2-door Civic Coupe (last spring).

10th generation, 2017 Honda Civic 5-door hatchback, front/side view
10th generation Civic hatchback: newly launched in the USA and this spring in Europe.

Launched in the USA last month (2017 model), with European deliveries starting this spring, the 5-door Civic is produced at Honda’s UK plant in Swindon (HUM). Global exports to over 70 countries include Europe and North America (More about production/markets on this Wikipedia page).

10th generation, 2017 Honda Civic 5-door hatchback, profile view
New 5-door Civic gets a 30 mm longer wheelbase (2,700mm) than its predecessor.

Honda indicated that this generation got the largest single model development program in the company’s history, which sounds logical since this new compact, global and modular platform also underpins the all-new 5th generation Honda CR-V compact SUV (more common components than previously) and the next, 10th generation Honda Accord model range.

10th generation, 2017 Honda Civic 5-door hatchback, rear/side view
Lower body and gravity centre, promising dynamic handling.

The largest investment may also hint at the increasing global challenges in the compact car segment (also known as the lower-medium, C-segment). As if the other Japanese, European and American competitors were not enough, in addition to the also comfortably established South Korean brands today, the Chinese brands are gradually penetrating the international markets, and they will probably not stop at specifc segments.

Like most other models, Civic has grown in size and status from its cute origins in 1972, to offer several body variants, playing also like most compact models, in the middle field between large and small, premium and economy, sporty and practical, for singles and small families.

10th generation, 2017 Honda Civic 5-door hatchback, interior (front) view 10th generation, 2017 Honda Civic 5-door hatchback, interior, console, gearshifter and armrest box compartment
Interior space grows at the front and the rear.

Compared to the previous generation, the all-new Honda Civic hatchback is 130mm longer (at 4,495mm), 30 mm wider (1,800mm), and 20 mm lower (1,420mm), with a 30 mm longer wheelbase (2,700mm).

Thanks to the longer and wider platform, with the 30 mm longer wheelbase, interior space grows by +10mm for the front shoulder room, +15mm between the front seats, +20mm for rear seat shoulder room, +95mm of legroom for the rear passengers and +45mm knee room. The rear outboard seats have adjustable seat base cushions.

10th generation, 2017 Honda Civic 5-door hatchback, boot (trunk) with rear seats up 10th generation, 2017 Honda Civic 5-door hatchback, boot (trunk) with rear seats folded down
At 478 litres (16.9 cu-ft.), the boot (trunk) volume is generous for the compact segment.

The driving position is 35 mm lower than in the previous generation Civic and the more compact dashboard upper surface puts it 65mm lower to improve forward and downward visibility.

Honda indicates that the eyeline angle to road increases to 7.60 degrees (compared to the previous 6.56 degrees), while the 18mm narrower A-pillars reduce the obstructed forward view by 11.6 percent. A tilt-and-slide panoramic sunroof is also available for certain versions.

The driver gets an adjustable thigh support with 14 steps of adjustment. Both front seats have 10 mm greater fore / aft slide range, and 10 mm greater height range adjustment than the previous Civic.

At 478 litres (16.9 cu-ft.), the boot (trunk) volume is generous for the compact segment, with a 1,120mm liftgate opening, 60:40 rear split/folding seats and a flat boot floor over a hidden compartment (except in Sport versions).

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