About Autopressnews.com & Motiontrends.com
Autopressnews Was launched in 2005 as a car magazine open to the general public with a selection of automotive news and features. Suggestions and comments are always welcome from our contact page.
Launched in Oct. 2000, motiontrends.com was the first – and is still online without interruption – professional Arabic online car magazine. Its clearly dedicated approach to the automotive sector, editorially as well as in the fields of copywriting or translation (English-Arabic / French-Arabic) of press kits, press releases and technical graphics, is always visible across +1400 online features about new models, technologies and more.

Naturally, translation and copywriting jobs made for our clients are not published on our sites, unless sent back to our editorial service and clearly intended for editorial use.

Tailored for auto manufacturers, tuners, suppliers, importers and distributors, motiontrends.com services are based on our expertise in the automotive editorial field since the late eighties (see below).

You can write to enquire or ask for an estimate from the details on the opposite business card.

Librementdit.com (French) is a completely different publication, a sort of reflection on the contemporary upheavals impacting our lives, East and West. It started with two essays about the demographic and religious landscape evolutions and challenges (1950-2050), partly based on statistical projections from the United Nations (demography) and the PEW Research center in Washington, D.C. (www.pewresearch.org).
Autopressnews.com and motiontrends.com are published by Bechara Aboul-Nasr (M.A. Psychology, Saint Joseph University, Beirut, Lebanon), former editor (1988-2000) of the weekly automotive section in Al Hayat international daily newspaper, when it was based in London, UK. He moved to the South of France in 2000.

All features in our sites are signed with the writer's name, under the autopressnews.com / motiontrends.com logo, or, in the case of carmakers news, with the source "Carmakers News" clearly indicated. Carmakers News are edited to keep what we deem most relevant for our publication.